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Standard Kit - 100'

This system is the answer to "Dog Jumping Fence"! The Standard Dog-Proofer Kit will raise your fence or wall height up to 3' and significantly raising the height of a fence is how to stop dogs jumping fences.

Do you have a dog jumping fence problem? If so use our Standard Dog-Proofer System to solve it. You simply add our fence extenders to your fence or wall and attach the strong poly fence right to the fence extenders... Now your fence is up to 3' taller!

If you have a more aggressive dog or a chewer, a better option may be our Standard Dog-Proofer Heavy Duty Kit which uses a strong metal fence material. For the "Houdini" climbers we also have the Houdini-Proof Kit with poly fence and the Houdini-Proof Heavy Duty Kit with strong metal fence.

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