Houdini-Proof Heavy Duty Dog Containment Kit 100'
Houdini-Proof Heavy Duty Dog Containment Kit 100'
Houdini-Proof Heavy Duty Dog Containment Kit 100'
Houdini-Proof Heavy Duty Dog Containment Kit 100'

Houdini-Proof Heavy Duty Dog Containment Kit 100'

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Our Houdini-Proof Heavy Duty Dog Containment System is designed to stop dogs who are jumping and/or climbing existing fences 4' or taller. The key to the system is the unique design of our fence extender arms. The Houdini-Proof arms, made of over 5' of formed 1 3/8" diameter 16 gauge galvanized steel tubing, reach over the fenced area 20" and can be set to raise the fence height as high as 2 additional feet. Two thick steel mounting plates are welded to the lower portion of each arm and the entire arm is finished with a UV stable black powder coating. The arms can attach to most walls and fence types including but not limited to wood, chain link, wire-backed split rail, decorative aluminum/wrought iron, PVC/vinyl fence and masonry walls.

A very strong steel fence material is used in this system to guard against chewing damage. The fence material used is a 16 gauge welded wire mesh with a grid size of 1.75" x 1.75". The welds are made with ungalvanized steel and the whole welded-up mesh is hot-dip galvanized before the black powder coating is applied. This makes for very strong welds making a very strong and long-lasting fence material. 

Please note: Arms, Fence, Zip Ties and other accessories are available separately. Please order according to your needs. Please contact us with any questions.

  • 12 of Houdini-Proof Dog-Proofer Fence Extension Arm
  • 2 of Heavy Duty Zip Ties (bag 100)
  • 1 of Welded Wire for more aggressive dogs

The arms secure to wood posts with screws or lags, round metal posts (like for chain link) with U-Bolts, and square metal posts with Square U-Bolts. For square wood fence post corners, the Dog Arm Wood Fence Corner Adapters attach to an arm and orients the arm at the proper 45-degree angle for 90-degree corners.

Both fence options are secured to the Dog-Proofer arms with our black UV stable 120lb test Heavy Duty Zip Ties.

Installation Instructions

Chain Link Fences:

  • You will need (2) U-Bolts of the appropriate size for to secure on Houdini-Proof arm to a round chain link post. We sell U-Bolts in sets of (2) so one set of U-Bolts is what you need to secure one arm. 
  • It is not easy to measure the diameter of round chain link posts due to post caps and top rails blocking access to the top edge of posts. Use a soft tape measure like used for sewing to measure the posts circumference... a circumference of about 5 1/4" = 1 5/8" post, a circumference of about 6" = 2" post, and a circumference of a about 7 5/16" = 2 1/2" post. Usually, chain link fences have bigger posts at corners, end points and gates.
  • The tubes for gates are usually a smaller (1 3/8" diameter) tube. Use a 1 5/8" U-Bolt to a gate tube. If you have a single door gate that will open in, you need one arm on both the gate hinge and latch-to posts and an arm on the gate on the latch side. A double door gate opening in would require that both gates have an arm where the gates meet. For outward opening gates, you need one on each gate post and one on each side of the gate. the arms on the gate need to be set higher so that when the gate opens the arms on the gate can pass over the arms on the posts.

Decorative Aluminum/Steel and Wrought iron Fences:

Use square U-Bolts to secure the arms to the posts. We sell the most common size of 2". Check your post size. you can also use self-drilling/tapping screws or drill and use bolts. It is likely you will need to use self-drilling/tapping screws or bolts at gates.
Wood Fences:

  • Where possible, attach the arms to the posts with outdoor wood screws or lags. At corners, you may need our Corner Adaptor Kit as the corner arm needs to point at a 45 degree angle. 
  • Outward opening gates require an arm on both sides of the gate and those arms need to be higher than arms on the gate posts so the arms on the gate can swing over the arms on the posts.
  • Inward opening gates require an arm on the gate posts and an arm on the gate on the latch side... Cut the fence between the arm on the latch post and the latch side of the gate and the gate will open.

Masonry Walls:Secure the arms to the wall with masonry fasteners (4 per arm).

If you have specific questions, call 888-280-4066 Mon-fri 9AM-5PM ET or email

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