How to Set Up a DIY Cat Playpen Outdoors

Your cat may have all the toys in the world at home. But it still needs to go outside and play. Outdoor environments help your cat experience new sights, sounds, and smells, stimulating its natural instincts. Allowing your cat to bask in the sun, roll in the grass, and hunt bugs makes it happier and improves its quality of life.

Setting up anoutdoor cat playpen is the perfect way to allow your kitty to spend time outside safely. Installing aplaypen for cats outside may sound daunting, but we’ve created handy resources to walk you through the process. Use the tips below to set up the perfectDIY cat playpen that you and your kitty will surely love!

Step 1: Explore Your Options

Check out all thecat playpen options available. You may want aPurrfect PlayTent because it’s portable and compact, and you can put it outside without going through a major installation project. However, if you want anoutdoor cat playpen with more space, you should consider afully-enclosed penthouse orcatio. You can even createtunnels that give your cat access from the inside of your home to your planned outdoor playpen!

There are many cat playpen solutions, enabling you to create an ideal enclosure that fits your outdoor space. Educate yourself about differentDIY cat playpen options to find out how much space you’ll need for each enclosure.

Step 2: Inspect Outdoor Areas

View of a house and its front yard

Before ordering anoutdoor cat playpen

  1. Take a measuring tape and a level outside.
  2. Think about cat-proofing your yard the same way you would baby-proof a house.
  3. Lie down on the ground. Look for potential hazards you might not notice while standing.
  4. Begin to bring your vision to life!

Some things about your yard that might not occur to you can make a big difference when installing aplaypen for cats outside.

Level Ground

You’ll need flat ground if you plan to install a heavy-duty cat playpen. This will allow your structure to be flush with the ground and enable easy placement of cat accessories within. Otherwise, you’ll need to fill in the gaps to keep your cat in and critters out.

Underground Obstacles

Some playpens have posts that are planted into the ground. Therefore, you should examine your land before ordering acat playpen for outside. Building ground securedoutdoor cat playpens can be challenging on rocky terrain. If you have rocky ground, opt for afree-standing enclosure instead.

You also need to work around underground plumbing for your house or lawn sprinklers. Some homes have underground power lines or gas lines beneath the ground. Contact your state’s call-before-you-dig center to ensure you have room to insert posts underground before choosing aDIY cat playpen for your yard space.

Poisonous Plants 

A kitten smelling a daisy flower

Cats may suffer from severe health problems if exposed to chrysanthemums, daisies, daffodils, English ivy, and several other plants. Cats are curious and like eating grass, but licking plants like lilies can be deadly. 

Before getting anoutside playpen foryour cat, research toxic outdoor plants and ensure you choose an enclosed space that is free of harmful vegetation. You should also make sure youroutdoor cat playpen isn’t near areas where people spray pesticides, which can be lethal to cats.


Ensuring your yard is predator-free is easy when you have a small lot. It might be harder to contain a larger property or a yard that backs onto a conservation area. 

Before setting up aDIY cat playpen, check the area for signs of raccoons, skunks, eagles, coyotes, and other animals that could harm your cat. You may need to install animal repellers or hire pest control experts to remove wild animals encroaching on your yard space. 


It’s ideal to be nearby when your pet is outside to ensure other animals don’t try to get into theoutdoor cat playpen. Supervising also provides peace of mind because you’ll see how your cat interacts with its enclosure and identify any problems you need to fix to keep it safe. 

If you need to take care of chores when your cat is outside, ensure you have a clear line of sight. Whether you plan on washing dishes or gardening, you should be confident you’ll be able to see your cat from your location. 

Step 3: Study Installation Information 

A young woman drinking coffee and using a laptop

Read the step-by-step instructions included with youroutdoor cat playpen. Watch theassembly instructions videos online to familiarize yourself with expert tips before you get started. Check to ensure you have all the pieces and tools required. 

Once everything is in place, follow the steps outlined in the directions. These playpens are shipped and fabricated so they can be put together in a do-it-yourself manner! If necessary, get a friend, family member, or local handyman to help you put yourDIY cat playpen together.

Having an experienced DIYer handy can help you navigate the process if you’re new to do-it-yourself projects. Taking these steps ensures you’ll prevent installation mistakes and have your enclosure ready in no time. 

Build YourCat’s Outdoor Playpen With Purrfect Fence

Once you set up aplaypen foryour cat outside, you can introduce your kitty to the great outdoors safely. 

Invest in a collar, name tag with emergency contact information, and a leash for when taking your cat to its enclosure. Loud noises and animals on the loose could startle your cat, but it won’t get far if it’s on a leash. Another alternative is tobuild tunnels that connect your new outside playpen to the inside of your home through a cat door or window. Talk about cat luxury!

FollowPurrfect Fence on Instagram and Facebook for playpen design and installation tips. If you can’t decide whichDIY cat playpen is right for you,get in touch with us. Our planning engineers will work with you to help you find the best enclosure for your cat and property.


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