So, what would you do with your dog this summer? Will it be a new adventure or installing fences for dogs so it has a permanent playground within the house? Whatever you choose, we wish you enjoy a fantastic summer with your furry friend! 
Pet parents often experience stress about ensuring the safety of pets within their homes. Dogs and other animals love to run and play around yards. However, they may jump over fences, dig under them, or come into contact with predatory...
Dogs are energetic animals who love to play and jump around. As a result, you may often find your pet trying to jump or even climb over the fence. However, jumping over the fence can put them at risk of...
Most dogs are hyperactive by nature. They prefer playing and running around rather than lounging in a place all day long. Staying active also ensures the optimum health conditions for your furry friend. Besides taking them on walks and hikes,...
Keeping a small dog contained in your backyard can be a challenge, especially when they have a tendency to dig under fences, including privacy fences. The question of "how to keep my small dog from getting under my privacy fence"...
The definitive 2023 ranking of the Best Fence for Small Dogs is now available! The article we've all been waiting for with tailored recommendations to you and your small dogs specific needs - come read what is likely the most earth-shattering article about dog fencing that you'll read all year.


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