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An outdoor dog enclosure from Dog Proofer helps you and your dog make the most of your yard. Easily set up a new dog fence by yourself, or dog-proof an existing fence to keep your pup from jumping over, digging under, or squeezing through the gaps.

Purpose-Built Humane Dog Fence Solutions for

For Digging, Climbing, Jumping, Gaps, & Escapes

outdoor dog fence to prevent climbing and jumping

Prevent Jumping & Climbing

Our Houdini-Proof Curved Arm Containment System for climbing and all-around escape artist dogs. A specially designed curved fence extension stops dogs from escaping.

dog fencing extension to prevent digging

Prevent Digging

Our Dig Proofer System stops dogs and other animals from digging under your fencing. Galvanized / coated welded wire and heavy metal stakes create a dig proof barrier around the base of your fencing.

outdoor dog fence system to stop gaps

Prevent Fence Gaps

Our Wide Gap Fence System stops smaller dogs from escaping through gaps in fencing. Our system uses galvanized and coated welded wire to prevent dogs slipping through openings in the fence

Create a New Dog-Safe Fence Line

The Freestanding Dog fence is designed to create a secure fenceline anywhere you need it while minimizing the visual impact. Endless configuration options to suit your needs, work around obstacles, exclude specific areas of your yard, and can be installed on slopes and hills.

Support a Happy, Healthy Dog

Outdoor access can help your dog enjoy a happier, healthier life and can even reduce behavior issues. Like people, pets get bored if there is not enough daily activity in their lives. Boredom can be associated with laziness, non-participation in family activities, beahvioral problems, weight issues and more. Outdoor access is critical for positive mental and physical health stimulation.

What is Dog Proofer?

Dog Proofer is a collection of innovative and humane dog fence solutions to keep your dog(s) safe and happy outside. With 60,000+ pets protected worldwide, you can fully rely on our expertise. If your dog needs a safe area to enjoy the outdoors but is jumping or climbing over your fence, digging under it, or going through it, we can help!

happy dog inside dog fence

The Patented Dog Proofer system can create a completely secure dog barrier fence with materials built to last.


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