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An outdoor dog enclosure from Dog Proofer helps you and your dog safely enjoy your yard! Easily install a new, DIY free-standing dog fence on your own, or dog-proof an existing fence to keep your pup from jumping over, digging under, or squeezing through gaps between fence posts.

Support a Happy, Healthy Dog

Outdoor access can help your dog live a happier, healthier life and reduce known health and behavioral issues. Like people, dogs get bored without adequate daily activity in their lives! Boredom in dogs is associated with behavioral problems, depression, weight issues, lack of energy, and more. Outdoor access is essential for positive mental and physical health stimulation.

What is Dog Proofer?

Dog Proofer is a collection of innovative and humane dog fence solutions to keep your dog(s) safe and happy outside. With 60,000+ pets protected worldwide, you can fully rely on our expertise. If your dog needs a safe area to enjoy the outdoors but is jumping or climbing over your fence, digging under it, or going through it, we can help!

Guaranteed Highest Quality Dog Fence

When it comes to your dog's health and safety, we believe only the best qualiy steel components will do. Our dog fencing is built to last so you can have peace of mind. With a 3-year warranty, we endeavour to surpass your expectations of quality, durability, and effectiveness every time! Find out why Dog Proofer is the highest rated, most effective dog fencing solution on the market!

Secure Any Yard, Any Fence Type

Hills, Slopes, Turns, Wooded, Grass, Gravel, Dirt, Pavement, Concrete, Wood, Vinyl (PVC), Metal, Chain Link, Brick, Block, or nearly any other material can be adapted into a secure outdoor dog enclosure.

Customizable to Suit Your Needs

Our numerous fencing systems can be mixed, matched, and quickly installed to Dog Proof any area. From multi-acre fields and forests to your standard side yard, our purpose built dog fencing solutions are flexible and 99.9% effective at containing even the most clever escape-artist dogs. Check out our blog for idea on how to secure your space and give your pup(s) the best outdoor quality of life!

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