What Does the Dog Proofer Do?

Dog Proofer has what you need to keep your dog in your yard. If your dog is jumping or climbing over your fence, we can help. Ask a traditional fence company and they will tell you that you need to tear out your fence and replace it with a taller one. Not only is that really expensive, but if your dog is a climber, that may not work!

The Dog Proofer systems are a one of a kind solution to keep your pets safely inside your fence enclosure outdoors. Our fence extension solutions are built from materials that are made to last, Dog Proofer systems convert a traditional fence that your dog may scale or leap over into one that contains your pet into the enclosure keeping them out of harms way. Dog Proofer arms connect to your existing metal, wood, PVC, brick and/or chain link fence. Then a durable PVC mesh (or more heavy duty welded wire mesh) is connected to the arms and to your fence creating a barrier that dogs cannot get through or over.

Works With Any Fence Type

Exceptional Quality Components

Options to Fit Your Needs

We offer two different systems that are designed based on your needs:

1. Dog-Proofer Houdini-Proof Dog Containment System built for climbing dogs and all-around escape artists. This system features a specially designed curved arm to stop dogs from escaping. Heavy Duty option kit version available.

2. Dog-Proofer Standard Containment System which will raise the height of your fence as much as 3 feet. This system features vertical posts that extend the height of your existing fence to deter jumping. Heavy Duty version available.

Each system comes with the option of an upgraded mesh made from welded wire rather than PVC mesh. These upgraded kits are referred to as the "Heavy Duty" versions.

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