Top 6 Best Dog Fence Extensions

Rise Above the Rest: Best Fence Extensions to Keep Your Dog Grounded

Creating a secure and safe environment for your furry friend is a top priority. If you've been grappling with the challenge of keeping your dog within the confines of your fenced yard, fret not. In this guide, we'll explore the best fence extensions for dogs that go beyond the ordinary, ensuring your canine companion stays grounded and safe.

Dog Proofer Fence Extension Systems

When it comes to top-tier fence extensions, Dog Proofer stands out. Their specialized Curved Houdini-Proof Extensions, backed by patents, and Straight Vertical Extensions are engineered specifically with dogs in mind. These extensions offer a robust solution to prevent your dog from breaching your yard's boundaries via jumping and climbing. You can even select from two different mesh fence materials depending on the determination of your dog to find their way over! Dog Proofer Curved Fence ExtensionsPhoto Credit

Deerbusters Fence Extensions

Deerbusters offers fence extension kits designed primarily for deer exclusion, but they may prove effective in deterring dogs as well. If you need to increase your fence's height by 3 feet or 4 feet, Deerbusters has you covered. However, it's worth noting that these extensions may not withstand climbing dogs or those who may test the fence with their teeth or claws. Deerbusters Extension Kit For Existing FencesPhoto Credit

Extend-A-Post for Chainlink Fences

Chainlink fences present a unique challenge for fence extensions, but Extend-A-Post provides versatile solutions. Whether you need straight, vertical options to increase overall fence height, or angled extensions for deterring climbing dogs, Extend-A-Post has the answer. While you'll need to source your own fence material, these extensions offer several solutions for increasing the height of your chainlink fence. There is also a “flat mount” extension available that can be secured to a wood or vinyl/PVC fence, for example. Extend-A-Post Fence Extension for Chainlink FencePhoto Credit

Decorative Panels for Quick Fixes

For a quick fix with a touch of elegance, consider decorative panel fence toppers. These panels, available for various fence types including wood, vinyl/PVC, and metal (aluminum or wrought iron), add both style and functionality. However, keep in mind that they typically only provide about 10-16 inches of extra height. This option works well if your dog needs a modest increase to prevent them from going over the fence. As an added bonus, many decorative fence toppers feature interesting designs and can provide extra privacy for humans sharing the yard with their K9 companions. Decorative Fence Topper Extension PanelsPhoto Credit

Coyote Rollers for Versatile Containment

Originally designed to deter coyotes, Coyote Rollers can also serve as effective containment for certain dogs. If your dog is using the top of the fence for leverage to push themselves over, these rollers can be a game-changer in preventing escapes. It's a versatile solution that adds an extra layer of security to your existing fence with a low profile. The main drawback of this solution is pricing, as high-quality coyote rollers can be costly! Coyote Rollers for DogsPhoto Credit

DIY Fence Extensions for the Handy Homeowner

For the hands-on homeowner, DIY solutions using easy-to-find building materials can be a cost-effective and customized approach. Tailor the extension to fit your specific needs and work with your unique fence, ensuring that your dog remains safely within the boundaries of your yard. DIY Fence Extension for DogsPhoto Credit


In conclusion, securing your yard to keep your dog grounded is achievable with the right fence extensions - and there are several options! The key is to find the perfect fit for your unique requirements. Invest in the safety and well-being of your furry friend, and rise above the rest with Dog Proofer’s exceptional fence extensions.

Curved Houdini-Proof Fence Extensions are recommended for dogs that are able to climb over an existing traditional fence, and Straight Vertical Fence Extensions work wonders for dogs that can glide over the top of the fence with ease.

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