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Has survived 2 Minnesota Winters- still in good condition.

Installed in april 2021, cannot see it from outside the fenced yard, has held up well through 2 Minnesota Winters and a few Derechos with a neighbors tree falling on our fence. Ironically now our 13 yo isn't physically able to jump the 6ft fence but a few years back she could easily clear it. Wish I had known about this product 10 yrs ago as have had horror stories of our dog jumping while attached to staked lead and almost hanging herself to her escaping and getting into very heavy traffic. So this system is priceless and will be used whenever we have new dogs someday! Even if we sold our house I would dismantle this system and take it with us. I do suggest the wire mesh netting, the heavier gage option if you have harsh climates. Ours still looks brand new.

Houdini-Proof Dog-Proofer Fence Extension Arm

Imported the Houdini-Proof Dog-Proofer Fence Extension Arm and Mesh as unavailable in U.K.
Great service from company with good communication throughout process. It was easy to order extra arms that were added to the kit order
Product is fit for purpose, brackets very sturdy and mesh is tough. Instructions very clear and easy to follow.
I was a little concerned about how it would look in my garden but the mesh blends in well with the foliage and the black brackets look ok with the fencing that is painted black. Houdini-Proof Dog-Proofer Fence Extension Arm Houdini-Proof Dog-Proofer Fence Extension Arm
Really pleased with this product, thankyou

Houdini-Proof Fence Extender for Dogs

We sourced the Houdini Fence Extender from the USA as this type of product for dogs is not available in England.
- High quality brackets and mesh very strong.
- Installation instructions very clear and easy to follow
- Looks good in the garden and surprisingly unobtrusive
- Good communication from the company
- Easy ordering process

Would highly recommend product

Simply the Best

All items arrived in two boxes and were well packaged. Everything was in easily identifiable plastic bags which helped in assembly.
The Houdini fence works as promised. I have an exuberant 1 year old Newfoundland dog who learned that if he jumps up and down a few times, using the top rail of the fence for leverage, he can sail right over the fence. The Houdini fence works like a charm to now keep him contained. He still stands on his hind legs with front paws on the top rail, when something of interest passes by, but makes no effort to jump or try to get over or through the Houdini fence extension.
Can’t thank you enough for this excellent product. Hope it brings me years of peace of mind and safety for my dog.

Coyote fence

We have installed facing out to keep coyotes from coming in our yard. It was fairly easy for my husband and grandson to install on our chain link fence.

Fantastic purchase!!!

I have an escape artist and am so happy with the extension kit. I put it up by myself in an afternoon (and I am not handy!), attaching it to my split rail fence. She is no longer able to climb/jump fence and can safely run around outside again. I was worried it was going to look like a zoo enclosure, and while the poles are visible, the fencing is not from a distance so it is not an eyesore at all!

I also wanted to mention how great customer service is with this company. I called several times during installation with questions and was connected immediately to a person who provided me with clear answers. I ended up ordering too many poles and they also were extremely helpful with returning them. I highly recommend both the product and the company!!

Life saving product for our large pup!

Easy to assemble. Great addition to our fence to keep our Irish Wolfhound in! Thank you for this product! It was a lifesaver!

Exceptional product!

I ordered this because my Yorkie was slipping through the aluminum fencing. This product is very high quality, easy to install, looks great, and keeps him in the yard as well as small animals out! Thank you for the great product and speedy delivery!

Freedom at last!

When we got two puppies, one kept going through my fence. We purchased this kit, installed it, and it has made our lives so much easier! It was time consuming but easy to install. You cannot see it from a distance, but the dogs and our Ragdoll cat love being outside and now are safe within our own fence! I highly recommend this kit to anyone!!

Game Changer

We ordered the entire Houdini-Proof fence extension system and we are SO happy we did! After spending a significant amount of money on a beautiful split rail (w/chicken wire) fence, our Treeing Walker/Blue Tick mix promptly climbed over it. Repeatedly. Constantly. We live on water and she loves to swim. I found the Dog Proofer Houdini-Proof Curved Arm kit online and watched the videos and read all the reviews. I figured it was worth a try. We also loved that it’s a Michigan based company. It came quickly and was super easy to install. Super easy! Our dog sat in the yard and gave us a look of defeat while we installed it. She knew she was out of luck. It disappears - it’s not noticeable from the deck or from our beach. It doesn’t even show up in photos. We are 100% satisfied and highly recommend this company and product. We fondly call our yard “Alcatraz”.

Dog Proofer

We added the steel version of the Hoodini Proof Fence Extender to our fence, and our dogs love it. It looks fabulous and they feel safer. No moose can come over the fence and no more dogs trying to come in. Our little wander is not able to go visiting either! It is perfect! Barely visible from the road.

Terrific Solution!

This was the perfect solution for puppy-proofing our fence. And the zip tie tool was worth every penny and more! I’m not at all handy and had no trouble installing it.

The BEST Solution

Our Great Pyrenees is very clever about escaping so we were desperate to find a solution to keep her safe. This fence works like a charm. She won’t be going OVER the fence that’s for sure! The first time she spotted it she turned to look at me as if to say, “Are you kidding?”

Peace of Mind for Squirrel Hunter

We are loving our dog proofed purchase! We are officially set up and loving the peace of mind with the solid metal fence extension kit for our two young, jumping, squirrel hunting dogs! The extra height provides safety for our jumpers, but the metal easily blends in with the landscape and the ease of setting it up negates the 12k-15k for a new, cedarwood fence. We added in plastic slats for the existing fence and the top extension, so now we enjoy the extra privacy height as well! I would recommend this product to all dog owners if they are willing to take a day or two to install it. Over all, it's a win win!

My dog is so happy to run!

We have a three year old Maltipoo who is 9 pounds and small enough to fit through the gaps in our aluminum fence. He has never been allowed off leash outside as a result. I had been searching for a solution after hearing neighbors in similar situations who had installed chicken wire had holes chewed through the wire by other animals making the fence not secure. My daughter and I were able to attach the Dog Proofer along the fence in a large area in our yard by ourselves in a few hours. We purchased some extra large zip ties on Amazon to secure the wire mesh to the larger parts of the fence where the zip ties that came with the product did not fit adequately. I bought the recommended tools (zip tie tightener and wire cutter) and I’m glad I did. Once we got in the rhythm, installation was simple. My dog is excited to be able to run off leash now and enjoys having his small dog friends visit and play!


We have a very energetic black lab that of course figured out how to jump the brand new fence I installed. Aggravating as that is, and because I didn't want to rebuild the fence, I ordered the DogProofer fence extension kit through Amazon. It's kind of funny to watch her realize she can't escape! She's made multiple attempts only to be thwarted by this system. The poles are very solid and the netting seems to withstand her attempts. The only thing I would suggest is perhaps the company could figure out a way to connect the netting to the top of the post somehow so it is a bit more secure. The wire ties work well, but the top just needs a tweak. I'd still buy it again if I had to. Customer service was also great as I needed a few additional poles and they were quick to reply and ship. Highly recommended to keep your pets in and other animals out.

Dogproofer proved themselves!

Well, the day came when our 60# hound mix proved to us that jumping the fence was no trouble at all. Something had to be done. We scratched our heads quite a bit in an attempt to design for ourselves a solution that would solve the problem. Fortunately, however, we looked online and found DOGPROOFER. It looked like the perfect way to go, and it was! We extended the height of our existing fence 3 ft, and there just isn’t a way for “Nelly” to escape. In addition to the excellence of their product, dog-roofer has an excellent website AND customer service. We were able to email them photos of our existing fence - with its 3 gates - and work over the phone with Don in customer service, who helped us put together an order with the appropriate quantities of posts and netting. We are so happy with the results, the cost , and the service. Excellent company!
Should also mention that using the dogproofer system did not ruin the look of our yard or impact our view, This was a concern of ours that turned out not to be a problem.

Excellent product! Great quality! The extenders saved me from returning my dog to the breeder. My fence people had no other option other than to replace my existing fence. I came across your website and am so pleased with the result. Thankyou!

Great fence

I installed 200’ of fence with 3 gates. Only problem I found was I’m 58 and way out of shape to swing a sledge hammer. So it took me longer than I thought to install the sleeves. I did purchase a 12 lb dead blow that made things a lot easier. Once I installed all the post and built and installed the gates putting the fence up was really easy and I did it all myself!

I really recommend this system you won’t regret it!

Great product, excellent website, and happy customers!

Hi! Just wanted to say how grateful we are for your excellent product. We were in somewhat of a crisis mode after our long-legged hound rescue discovered there was absolutely no problem jumping over our fence. My husband installed the system using your helpful instructions and Don’s helpful guidance over the phone, and we are now able to let Nelly out without the constant fear of her constantly escaping!

Worth it

Works perfectly , won't even put his paws on it never mind jump over the fence.

400 Linear Feet of Fencing w/3 gates LOVE IT

Loved it so much and worked so well with my escape doggie, that I ordered the exact same system for another yard we have that is 120 Linear Feet w/2 gates. I finally have comfort knowing she will not escape the yard to chase farm critters.


I recently adopted a husky mix from my local shelter. She has proven to be quite the escape artist, routinely jumping over my fence. I had the Houdini installed and she has not been able to escape! Once I saw her attempt, but she bounced back into the yard! *(wish I had that on film!) I am satisfied with my purchase and feel better knowing my dog is safe!

ZERO escapes!

It’s taken me a while to actually write a review after purchasing and installing the Wide Gap fence barrier kit. We have two little Boston Terriers, one of which is an escape artist. He found that he could push down the plastic barrier we had prior to this. This is saving his life and mine! Since putting up the Dog Proofer barrier kit we’ve had ZERO escapes! The fence blends in to the background and is barely noticeable. We put up about 350 linear feet in a weekend.

Use it at all our dog facilities (Noble Dog)

I wouldn’t build a facility without adding the dog proofer. It’s a fairly simple process to install with a few people and offers peace of mind while the dogs are out playing. No escape artist or fence climbers to worry about, letting us focus on the entire group rather than one dog or a few dogs trying to cause trouble 😊


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