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Defeat for our jumper

Our American Bulldog can clear a 6' fence if she hears a cat. With the dog proofer in place, she ran at the fence the first time, stopped, looked up and had a disgusted look on her face.


I have 3 larger dogs who get very excited when anything passes our yard. I purchased the Houdini-proof dog proofer and couldn't be happier. Now my dogs can play in the yard without worry of jumping the fence to greet the garbage man or people passing. Great product! I would highly recommend it!

Best solution for jumping dogs!

The Houdini Fence literally saved my dog from escaping the yard through fence jumping. I upgraded the fence knowing he would try to bite the fence and that was a smart buy as well. He spent a lot of time trying to jump, bite, and body slam his way through and the fence did it's job spectacularly.
I took videos, it was amazing to see!
I now leave him to come in and out as he wants. I no longer worry about him jumping over the fence, and while he still attempts it once in awhile I know he's safe!

great solution to a difficult problem

We have a yard with wood fence and also with chain link. We have a boxer that we rescued that would leap over the fence like it wasnt there. We tried shock collars, invisible fencing, a couple of weird DIY things and nothing was working. Decided to invest in the system from dog proofer and after taking a few hours to set it up our little guy was done escaping. Been over a month and now he doesnt even try. Just enjoys his outdoor space like we hoped.

Disappointed Dog

Our dog was happily clearing the fence in our yard. We could see he thought it was pretty funny. We did not share the humor as we need him to be safe from various and sundry animals here in Maine. So we added the extension fence. It took us a couple of hours to install it and it has worked perfectly. We have a safe dog. That's all the counts. Very happy with this product.

Thrilled with this product!

I could not be happier with this product. Our new dogs were able to easily jump the existing 4' chainlink fence. This was SO much cheaper (and easier) than replacing the exisiting fence with a taller one. I'm not handy at all and I had no problem installing it myself. It's durable and blends right in with the existing fence.

Dog Proofer does the job.

So far the Dog Proofer has kept the escape artist inside the fence. Can’t ask for more!

Crash Tested

While I had hoped to introduce my dog to the fence extension safely, naturally, she saw a squirrel and launched across the yard and into the extensions. Thankfully she bounced off safely and has not attempted to jump the fence since. I love this product, it has done exactly what I needed it to do!

Elegant fix for a long time problem

We have a husky that just loves to dig. Seems like he hears a cricket in the neighbors yard and that is justification to dig a trench under the fence. We tried putting rocks along the fence, mats, and all kinds of stuff. Our vet office told us to take a look at this idea from dog proofer and we decided to give it a shot. We had it installed in a few hours. After a month the grass grew right through it and we dont even see it really. Brusco will still try to start a dig from time to time but has given up around the fence line.

Very satisfied

Thanks for all your assistance regarding the order and I’m very satisfied with your product. I believe Matt(?) assisted me via numerous calls. With keep you in mind for referrals – our breed Airedale Terrier has a knack for wanting to be on the other side ‘of the fence’!

Awesome stuff

We are actually promoting this style of fence. Great product!

Dog Fence Height Extension Kit
Blue Sky Canine Coaching
Dog Trainer Approval

I am a certified professional dog trainer. I have a cattle dog who recently started pulling herself over our fence to get at raccoons in my neighbor’s yard, resulting in more than a few fights with those little bear cousins. My dog has won each time which only makes her more eager to get at the next raccoon. I do not like using shock collars or similar devices on my dogs and encourage my clients to seek out other means to keep their dogs contained. There is research demonstrating that shock collars can cause unintended behavioral issues. I have worked with more than a few dogs who have developed more aggression or more fearful behaviors because of a shock collar….or dogs that just blow through the shock to get off the property. Besides, raising the height of my fence with Dog-Proofer Extension System was easy with no additional training or monitoring required on my part…..and no batteries! It’s been up for two months, it's the height of raccoon activity and my dog has stayed safe inside my fence. The raccoons are safe from my dog as well!

So far so good

I had nicknamed my dog “Houdini” because she was easily jumping our fence and wondering the neighborhood. We could not afford a new fence so I found the Houdini fence extension online and decided to order one. Installing the fence was easy. My dog has not yet been able to get out. I feel better knowing she is safe and confined to our backyard area. Shipping was fast and all components seem to be of good quality.

Great product, easy to install.

Easy to install, looks good. Feels sturdy and durable. Have large puppy who likes to stand at fence with elbows on fence. Scares neighbors, so 3 feet taller fencing is great.

Botti Fence

I installed a power coated black metal fence with 1 3/4" gaps between the pickets. I found my Yorkie had wiggled his way through to freedom! That was short lived as I installed the dog proffer fence and Botti is no longer free to roam the neighborhood. It was very easy to install and blends nicely with the existing fence.

It really works

We rescued a great Dog in November but what she really liked were the Rabbits that roam our neighborhood. She was able to hop over our fences to chase after. We bought dogproofer. Its kept me worry free and your dog can no longer escape. Now if only dogproofer can develop something to keep the Rabbits OUT! Thank you

Emma’s Independence Day!

I have a pack of 6 fur babies :) and we live on a fenced acre. In Feb. 2020, my 6 yr. old Emma Rose decided that she could not only jump out of the yard, but could totally ignore me and run where she wanted. I knew that day that our lives had changed forever. My sweet, spirited, very athletic 45 lb. Comfort Retriever could not be trusted in my fenced yard, even though her big, dark eyes promised she wouldn’t jump out! I ordered a Houdini Proof Extension kit from Dog Proofer, after much research of options. Everything arrived quickly and accurately. It took 2 half days to complete and Emma Rose is once again free! Woo hoo!! The pack is glad she’s back and I love the confidence I have in my back yard fence, once again! Emma Rose got so depressed for the 3.5 months that she had to be on a leash at my side. I get so much joy getting to watch her passion and enjoyment in the yard! Thank you so much AJ and Dog Proofer for giving her(us!) back her(our) freedom!!!! Highly recommend!

Fast and easy to install

Two of us installed about 80 feet in 3 hours. Only issues were the U bolts were too narrow for the fence pipes so we had to hammer them on and the. Hammer them close again. Also the welded wire fence is impossible to get perfectly flat and have no waves in. So it works great! BUT looks very cheap in my opinion. Still it keeps my husky from climbing up and out.

<p>Hi Jeff, thank you for your review! We are delighted that you are satisfied with your purchase and that it is working for you!</p>

<p>We are sorry to find you had some issues. Regarding the U bolts, we offer them a bit larger than their noted size to avoid what you have described. So it is unclear why you would have had fit issues and we have not had this feedback previously. I suppose perhaps the wrong size was sent or the wrong size may have been ordered. If you would like to discuss it please get in touch with us! </p>

<p>Regarding keeping the wire mesh flat. It does take a little finesse to get it just right but it is certainly possible. Usually it is possible to tweak it even after it is already up to get the desired look. We would be happy to discuss this with you as well. I guess the moral of the story is, it is absolutely possible and we are happy to help you make it so!</p>

I have one dog who is the original "Houdini dog", so this really works.

I ordered your dogproof fence kit last winterand didn't need it until early summer which is when we finally installed it. It is wonderful. I have two two-year-old huskies who love their yard and are now content and not trying to escape. I am attaching some photos (one of which we used as our Christmas card) so that you can see how well in blends in with the woods. When it was being installed, I pulled into the driveway and couldn't see the grid above the original fence at all. I thought the people helping me install it had stopped working on it and it was already completed. Thank you so much for being there. I highly recommend your product.

Excellent system, hound no longer a deer chaser

The system works well, foxhound no longer can climb over fence. Installing on 3 rail split cedar fence was a bit more challenging than expected because posts are not square or flat-surfaced. Quality of materials is very good. A well designed, well manufactured system.
When I needed to talk or email the manufacturer/seller, always got a prompt helpful response.
Highly recommend this system to anyone needing to keep their pets inside a fenced yard.

Happy dog Happy owners!

The Houdini proof fence extender has allowed my dog free access to the yard again. We don’t have to worry about her jumping into the neighbors’ yards anymore.
It was easy to install as well!

Great fence

The Installation was easy and took me a few hours to complete the install with the help of my 9 and 11 year old daughters. I have a Gsp that was climbing my 6’ fence and jumping it. I extended our fence to 7’ and she was still jumping it. I installed the Houdini fence with the poly fence and extended it to 8’! She hasn’t managed to get our of the yard again which is a blessing. That’s for the help ans the great product.

Just what I needed!

This is an excellent product, easy install. Highly recommend and keeps my dogs inside the yard.

Works on Rabbits and Coyotes too

My purpose is not to keep dogs in but two fold, keep the rabbits from burrowing under the fence to let the cats escape out of the yard. The secondary purpose the metal net also has be advantageous to detouring the coyotes. I know it is not rated to do this but there have been some cases of wire bent in the shape of a of running speed nose print! Score to date: Fence 4+ - coyotes Zero.

Peace of mind!!

I love the Houdini-proof extension system. We installed it on our 6’ wooden privacy fence. We adopted a medium sized dog that ended up being a jumper and this was the perfect solution to keep our new baby safe and sound.


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