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About Dog Proofer Products

Our vertical fence extension systems are designed to prevent dogs from jumping or climbing over an existing fence of nearly any type.

The straight fence extensions can add up to 3 ft of additional height to your existing fence and will work well for dogs that are jumping over a fence. Most dogs do this by either jumping clean over the fence, or leaning against the top of the fence, then using their back legs to push themselves over.

If your dog has learned how to climb a fence using their forward momentum to scurry up and over the fence, or by climbing the fence like a ladder, then the curved fence extensions might be the best fit. These extensions create an arched top and can add up to 2 ft of additional height to your existing fence.

We also provide a Dig-Proof Barrier kit to prevent dogs from digging under the fence, and a Wide Gap Barrier kit to prevent small dogs from escaping through gaps between fence pickets.

Absolutely. Feel free to email any photos, diagrams and/or measurements you may have to or give us a call at 888-211-0617 and we’d be happy to assist you with planning the best solution for your yard.

All of our fence modification kits include the components necessary for assembly. However, due to the wide range of fence types that the systems are compatible with, fasteners for securing the system to your existing fence are not included with the kits.

You can view our recommendations for fasteners that are compatible with the Standard Vertical Extensions and Curved Houdini Extensions HERE.

Kits are offered in various lengths (in increments of 50 ft) and should correspond to the total length of fencing you need to cover. In order to determine the length that you require we recommend measuring your fence line to get the total “linear feet” of fencing that you have. This measurement can be used as a guide for purchasing the correct kit size.

If you would like any assistance with determining exactly what you need, please contact our experts!

Yes, it is possible to purchase less than 50 ft of any kit, however, we recommend that you email any photos, diagrams and/or measurements you may have to or give us a call at 888-211-0617 to discuss your specific needs and ensure you receive all of the materials for securing the space.

Should you need an odd amount that falls somewhere in between kits, please contact us and we can both help you figure out what would work best and also quote you several options to be sure to find the most cost-effective solution for your needs.

The difference between our two mesh types is primarily in the durability and ease of installation. Both materials are strong against impacts (600 lbs breaking strength on the poly mesh and 1100 lbs on the wire).

Poly mesh is lightweight, flexible, and easier to install (and less costly!).

Welded wire mesh is heavy-duty to withstand determined dogs that might try to claw or chew at the fence and will generally hold up better over time considering weather conditions as well. We estimate that the welded wire may last 3-10 years longer than the poly mesh when exposed to sun, rain, snow, etc. depending on the climate.

However, the welded wire mesh is more rigid and significantly heavier, making it more difficult to install.

The welded wire mesh fence material we include with our fencing systems was designed specifically for outdoor use with pets in mind. We do not rely on the notation of "gauge" for our wire mesh products. This is due to the fact that there is not a single standard scale for wire gauge, which means wire strands of the same gauge may have some variability depending on the standard scale that is being referenced. However, we can provide you dimensions of our wire strands.

The wire strands on our welded wire mesh have a diameter of 0.098" (about 2.5mm) including the UV-rated vinyl coating. Which means the wire is approximately the same thickness as a metal coat hanger. The grid size of the welded wire mesh is 1.7" x 1.7".

All of our wire mesh products are made of galvanized steel wire that is welded prior to the galvanization process, meaning the weld points are also galvanized for a longer-lasting material. Then, the wire mesh is vinyl-coated for added durability outdoors.

It is possible to utilize our systems to contain both cats and dogs. Generally, when customers are interested in this option we do recommend the products from our sister brand, Purrfect Fence. Safely containing cats tends to be a bit more challenging and dynamic compared to dogs and those systems are designed specifically with cats in mind.

However, for some extra strength and durability, you can certainly use a combination of our Dog Proofer and Purrfect Fence products to contain both cats and dogs. For containing cats, we do recommend the spring-loaded extension arm from Purrfect Fence as it will be most effective for keeping the cats contained. If you have reason to believe that your dog(s) may try to test the system after installation it is possible to use a combination of our sturdier Dog Proofer Fence components and add the spring-loaded cat arms on top.

All of our products are designed to be home owner installed. That said, should you need any guidance, we are available Monday through Friday and would be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have. It never hurts to have a "handy" friend present to make things go smoother.


All items are shipped from our warehouse in Oxford, Michigan unless noted otherwise. Processing time (the amount of time in between when your order was placed and when it leaves our warehouse) can vary depending on order volume at any given time.

As soon as an order is shipped, you will receive an email notification that includes your tracking information.

You can read more about our shipping policies HERE.

All orders are shipped from our warehouse located in Oxford, Michigan. We primarily ship all orders with FedEx or UPS, although some small orders may be sent via USPS. Delivery times may vary, but we generally estimate bewteen 3-7 business days for delivery within the 48 Contiguous United States.

Your order will be left by the carrier (typically at the front door). We do not require a signature for delivery.

You can read more about our shipping policies HERE.

We certainly do ship to Canada and we do so frequently! All of our items are available to you. We offer a special program for Canadian customers where we subsidize shipping costs. If your order qualifies for free shipping here in the USA, we look at the actual shipping cost for delivery to you in Canada and reduce that by the charges we would have incurred shipping the item for "free" here in the USA so you only pay a fraction of the actual shipping charges. We try to be as fair as possible so that you benefit from our promotions here in the USA as well.

You can read more about our shipping policies HERE.

We can certainly ship our products worldwide and are happy to provide you with a quote that includes delivery. Please contact us today for shipping rates!

You can read more about our shipping policies HERE.

We offer Free Shipping within the 48 contiguous United States on any fence kit purchase or any order over $299. Other select items may also qualify for free shipping, and are denoted with a “Free Shipping” badge. If you are outside of the 48 contiguous United States, please contact us for shipping rates!

You can read more about our shipping policies HERE.

Warranty & Policies

We offer several warranties that are designed to make sure you get the most from your Purrfect Fence System:

  • We offer a 36-month warranty against defective items (rust, failure, etc.) due to manufacturing at no cost to the customer.
  • We also offer a special mother nature discount warranty which provides a discount program for replacement parts for as long as you have the system in use if it is damaged by wind, falling tree, fire, etc.
  • We also make ourselves available for the life of the system to help with any planning, repair, replacement, installation, or performance issues you may have with the system regardless of the cause. This includes working through any issue to make sure the systems performs consistent with its intended use.

We accept returns on new and unused items within 30 days of purchase. You can view our return policy in full here:

We accept returns on new and unused items within 30 days of purchase. You can view our return policy in full here:

We do offer discounts to not-for-profit organizations with proof of a 501C3 registration. We also offer discounts to veterinarians as well as their staff. We also are happy to offer discounts to all active duty and military veterans and first responders. Please be aware discounts will not stack with other discounts, promotions, or coupon codes. Contact us for more information!

Our pricing model is not one where we offer discounts or run sales periodically and keep inflated prices in the interim. Instead, we are always pricing as competitively as possible. Most of our customers cannot wait around for a sale because they have a problem that is happening now and we don't want to punish the customers who have unlucky timing. So, we simply price as best we can all the time to the benefit of everyone that needs our solutions.


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