About Us

Dog Proofer is a family owned company that is operated by life long passionate animal lovers. We think all animals should be dealt with in a humane way. So, Dog Proofer products only tackle challenges we can accomplish without the use of inhumane products such as shock collars, tethering, bird spikes, and other pain-inflicting deterrents. Dog Proofer and Purrfect Fence (our cat version) offer unique and effective pet containment systems and accessories and we have done so for over 15 years. We service the USA and Canada directly, have distributors in the UK and Europe and are proud to say that we have our innovative solutions in use on every continent but Antarctica.

We hold multiple patents on our pet fencing products and are always improving and adding to our designs. We pride ourselves on providing our clients (and their humans) with high quality, problem-solving products that keep pets happy and safe outdoors. Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice on providing your pets with a safe outdoor space. We are happy to help!

Dog Proofer is the brand name of the dog containment fence systems that are owned and operated by PYP Ventures, LLC.