Why Choose Dog Proofer?

Why Choose Dog Proofer?

With so many products out there aimed at keeping your dog happy, healthy, and safe we know that navigating the well-being of our dogs can be daunting at times! But one of the most time-tested and true solutions for keeping a dog happy and healthy is making sure they have safe access to the outdoors where they can sunbathe, run, and play.

Dog Proofer makes it possible to create a safe and secure outdoor space for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and abilities. We have been providing humane pet-safe fencing solutions for 20 years, and here is what matters most in our professional opinion and in no particular order:


Our Dog Proofer team has unparalleled expertise in humane pet fencing solutions because our focus is on containing dogs. Although we may be a small business with just a handful of employees, we have a over 20+ years of experience in humane pet fencing solutions!

Dog Proofer Curved Fence Extensions on Wood Fence behind man with two dogs

We work with dog parents on a daily basis to ensure their furry family members are safely secured. There hasn’t been an escape artist that we haven’t been able to help! Our experience sets us apart, as our team of experts is always happy to help - from answering your questions about which solution(s) will work best for your pup, to helping you overcome any obstacle you might face with installation as well as ongoing support if any question about your system ever arises.


Not only are we leading experts in the field, but our customer support team is available to you every step of the way. Whether you are just getting started with researching solutions and have questions, or if you’ve had your system installed for several years and are in need of updates, our staff is here to help via email and phone. We make ourselves available to you for the lifetime of your system.

Dog Sitting at Desk Behind Computer

Not sure exactly what you need? We can help you put together your order. Have an obstacle that you need to work around? Send us a photo and we can offer advice. Need to make adjustments to your existing system? Let us know and we can help!


Dog Proofer fencing solutions have been engineered from the ground up specifically for dogs. Every component was designed and chosen with a purpose to keep your dog safe, secure, and happy. We have stress tested our products over and over again, and all metal components are made of galvanized steel that has been powder coated for added longevity for outdoor use.

Dog Proofer Freestanding DIY Dog Fence 4.5 feet tall

Our mesh fencing materials are manufactured especially for us, for use with pets. The welded wire and poly mesh fence materials feature a unique grid pattern with square openings measuring 1.75” x 1.75”. This pattern is large enough to become virtually invisible from a distance but small enough to keep pets of all sizes contained safely. Even our gate latches are escape proof from dogs.

Desired Outcome

Some dogs are true “Houdini’s” and able to escape even the most seemingly secure areas. In designing our containment solutions - we’ve taken this into consideration. Our patented curved vertical fence extension system has yet to be beaten by any dog since its inception!

Dog Proofer Curved Extension Review

Not to mention, we have a variety of solutions available for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and abilities. No matter what your dog’s preferred method of escape may be, we have a solution for them! From digging to jumping or climbing over an existing fence, we have solutions that allow you to modify your existing traditional fence to create a secure barrier. 

If you have a runner and do not have an existing fence, we can help with that too! Our Freestanding DIY Dog Fence allows you to build a new fence line and create a secure barrier to prevent your dog from dashing.


Although we understand that keeping your pets safe is of the utmost importance, we also recognize that the cost of a solution for containment can be a major deciding factor. Compared to other fencing solutions for dogs, such as traditional fencing or electric fencing, our systems tend to be less costly and more effective.

Dog Proofer fencing solutions are designed to solve a problem that typically needs a fast resolution, so we are always pricing as best we can all the time to the benefit of everyone that needs our solutions to ensure that they are always affordable.


Equally as important as cost is time. Our systems were designed to be easy to install by the average “handy” homeowner in order to save you time and money, as well as prevent frustration with overcomplicated containment solutions.

Dog Proofer Curved Fence Extensions on a Wood Fence

Detailed instructions are included with every fencing system and our team of experts is available via phone or email to answer any installation questions you may have from beginning to end. Dog Proofer fence extension systems are versatile and able to be installed on nearly any fence type with just a handful of components. 

Take it from Us

Keeping your dog safe and secure in any yard is Dog Proofer’s main focus with humane solutions that can be installed anywhere. We have over 20 years of experience with safe, humane pet fencing that is durable and effective and we offer unparalleled customer support before and after your purchase - for as long as you have your system you can count on us to answer any of your questions!

Dog in front of Fence with Dog Proofer Dig-Proofer Kit installed

Our materials and components were designed and manufactured for the very purpose of creating time-tested, long-lasting, highly durable solutions specifically for dogs. None of our materials or components are repurposed from other types of containment systems because we understand that dogs have a unique set of abilities when it comes to escaping.

All of Dog Proofer’s fencing solutions were developed to be versatile and adaptable to nearly any situation from varying fence types (or no fence at all!) to securing unique areas. And because our containment solutions were meant for the average “handy” homeowner, the majority of our customers are able to install their systems on their own.

Learn more about Dog Proofer dog fencing solutions or contact one of our experts today!


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