Modify Existing Fencing

We offer four distinct Dog Proofer systems for modifying existing fencing. Two different systems for dogs jumping over your fence, the Houdini System and the Straight Arm System. The Houdini System features a curved arm that both extends the height of your fence and also makes it nearly impossible for a dog to climb. We also offer the Standard System which is a straight arm that increases the height of your fence by up to 3 feet. Both versions are available in a "Heavy Duty" version which comes with welded wire mesh as the fencing material in the place of the durable PVC mesh that is suitable for most dogs.

We also offer two different systems for breaches within your fence line. One for dogs going through your fence and another for dogs digging or escaping under it.

HOUDINI-PROOF Curved Dog Arm Kit

For dogs that jump and climb over fences

If you are looking for a dog climbing fence solution you have found it! The Houdini-Proof fence extension for dogs coupled with our strong fencing material will keep your dogs from climbing your fence. The system makes a fence height extension combined with a horizontal component that arches over your fence making your fence climb and jump-proof.

The Houdini-Proof Kit is the recommended system for climbing and jumping dogs who are currently escaping an existing fenced-in enclosure. This system is outfitted with durable heavy poly mesh fencing but can be upgraded to heavy gauge welded wire fencing material for more aggressive dogs and chewers.

Works with wood, chain link, metal, brick, block, and nearly every other fence type!


STANDARD Straight Vertical Arm Kit

For dogs that jump over fences.

This system is the answer to "Dog Jumping Fence"! The STANDARD Straight Vertical Arm Kit will raise your fence or wall height up to 3' and significantly raising the height of a fence is on of the easiest ways to stop dogs jumping fences.

Do you have a dog jumping fence problem? If so use our Standard Dog-Proofer System to solve it. You simply add our fence extenders to your fence or wall and attach the strong fencing mesh right to the fence extenders... Now your fence is up to 3' taller!

If you have a more aggressive dog or a chewer, you have the option of upgrading the fencing material to a heavy gauge welded wire instead of the standard poly mesh. 

Works with wood, chain link, metal, brick, block, and nearly every other fence type!


Not sure which fence extension system is right for you? Check out our side-by-side comparison!

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Dog Barrier Kit for Gapped Fences

For dogs are able to run through gaps in fencing.

This kit is designed to create a durable barrier of black coated welded wire mesh to keep your dog from escaping through gaps in wooden, wrought iron, and aluminum fencing.

Simple to install and inexpensive, the Dog Proofer Barrier kit comes in two heights, 24" and 42" in sections of 100 feet.

Works with wood, chain link, metal, brick, block, and nearly every other fence type!


Dig Proofer Systems to Stop Dogs Digging Under Fencing

Dogs Digging Under Fence Kit

For dogs digging under a fence.

Our Dig Proofer system is a simple, yet effective solution for dogs that like to dig their way under fencing, buildings, decks and more. The Dig Proofer uses heavy gauge welded wire that is bent in an "L" formation then secured to your existing fence/building and then staked into the ground with heavy duty galvanized stakes.

An economical way to stop digging in your yard. With an easy installation process that includes just a hammer and either a stapler, zip ties, or screws (depending on your fence type) the Dig Proofer comes in two heights, 24" and 42" (bent in half to give you either 12" or 21" of coverage on the ground and up the fence vertically) in sections of 50 or 100 feet.

Works with wood, chain link, metal, brick, block, and nearly every other fence or building type!