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 The Dog Proofer Thru-Screen Model pet door is the pinnacle of comfort for your home and pet! Easily provide outdoor access whenever you want by allowing access to the screen door of your home or patio! This standard Thru-Screen pet door model seamlessly fits into any screen door of ½” thickness or less, making it versatile for most types of screen doors. Please refer to our Sizing Guide for more details.  

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Dog Proofer Pet Door - Screen Model

Dog Proofer Pet doors are manufactured in partnership with Hale, the leading pet door manufacturer in the United States. The screen model pet door offers your pet enriching outdoor access, happily moving between your home and yard with ease! When paired with Dog Proofer fence system, you can have peace of mind that your dog(s) are living a comfortable and enriching life without the boredom of being confined inside all day! With our screen model pet door, you can leave your beloved pets at home, confident in the knowledge that they can comfortably choose to explore the outdoors or take potty breaks at their leisure.

Options for Thru-Screen Pet Doors

Dog Proofer’s made-to-order screen model pet doors are available in a wide range of sizes! From small to giant, Thru-Screen pet doors can accommodate all sizes and growth stages. The Thru-Screen Model pet door can be used for both cats and dogs, or a multi-pet household! Our made-to-order doors are designed to cater to all breeds with our size options. For example, a small-medium size door will work well for a Chihuahua breed (or cat), while our giant size is designed for a large Great Dane.

In addition to size, all our pet door models come in four different colors which can be blended with your home’s aesthetic. For a more energy-efficient option, you may choose to upgrade to a double flap door. Thru-Screen pet doors can be installed on 
For example, indoor cat owners may opt to install a through-wall pet door through an interior wall into a closet or garage where the litter box is located. This helps contain the litter box odor and mess in one room while ensuring your cat has unrestricted access. It also prevents other pets, like inquisitive dogs, from meddling with the litter box.

Safe & Secure Outdoor Access with Dog Proofer Fences

IncorporatingDog Proofer's innovative containment solutions and fences proves to be an exemplary addition when integrating a pet access door into the home by ensuring there is a secure and convenient outdoor space for your cherished companions on the other side. We strongly recommend dog-proofing your yard or kennel if you’d like your pets to have free access through the pet door when you are not home.

Extend the height of an existing fence to prevent dogs from jumping or climbing over, or install an extra barrier to prevent dogs from digging under orsqueezing through gaps in the fence line. Perhaps you’d prefer to use ourFreestanding DIY Fence System to create a dog run that can be used for potty breaks when you are not home. No matter your needs, we have you covered with our wide selection of containment solutions for dogs!

Safety is Our Top Priority

At Dog Proofer, the safety of your pet and your home is top of mind in all our designs. Creating an opening in your home’s exterior which provides unrestricted access can be stressful, especially if your home is often unoccupied during the day.
Nevertheless, our screen door model is designed to ensure your home’s security isn’t compromised with lockable covers. When paired with a secure enclosure or fenced yard, you can rest assured that your pet and home are safe - even when you may not be there!

PLEASE NOTE: Standard Thru-Screen pet doors are for use with screen door frames with a ½” inch or less thickness. For screen door frames with thickness greater than ½”, such as a lanai frames, screened-in patio frames, or heavier-duty screen doors, give us a call at 888-211-0617 or and we will be happy to assist you in designing the perfect pet door!

Made with Quality Materials for Peace of Mind

Every Dog Proofer pet door is manufactured by Hale Pet Doors in the USA using the best materials available for added durability, strength, and longevity. Each door is made-to-order and shipped directly to you to be installed. If you find the task of DIY installation intimidating, you are not alone. Contact us today to see if there is an authorized installer in your area!

Finding the Right Size Pet Door

Each Dog Proofer pet door is 'made-to-order,' and our partnership with Hale provides us a large variety of 'standard' pet door sizes or the ability to create custom sizes to suit any application.

Measure from the top of your pet’s shoulder to the ground

The flaps of the pet door should be aminimum of 1-2 inches above the top of your pet’s back not the head. Getting this height requires measuring from the "withers" (top of your pet's shoulders) down to the floor. Remember your door is not placed flush with the floor (it will be slightly higher than the floor). For multiple pets sharing a household, measure the tallest one.
A tip from the experts:If you are struggling to get your dog to remain still for measurements, try standing next to your dog and marking your finger level with your pet's shoulders on your leg, then measure from the floor to that spot on your leg!

Face your pet and measure across their chest!

Hopefully this is the easy one! Measure your pet at their chest's widest point and then add 1-2 inches to ensure a comfortable fit.
A tip from the experts:If you have trouble getting this measurement, you can open a door just wide enough for your pet to pass through and measure the width of the opening, again adding 1-2 inches for the most comfortable fit. If your pet is long-haired, don’t forget that this may make them appear wider than they really are!

Dog Proofer Pet doors by Hale Pet Door are designed to make DIY installation a breeze. Because of this, many customers choose to install their new pet door on their own.

However, we understand that not every installation will be straightforward and sometimes you might need a little help! If you are interested in professional installation, click the button below to submit a request to our team and we will do our best to find a local Hale preferred installer near you!
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  • ​Standard (frame mounted):Standard Thru-Screen pet doors have two mounting sides which sit on either side of the screen frame, the screen frame must be under 1/2" thick and the two mounting plates will sit snugly over the screen's frame.

  • Cut-Over (frame mounted): Cut-over is for frames greater than 1/2" thick and simply remove ones of the mounting plates shown in the "Standard" Thru-Screen pet door. It can be mounted on either side of the screen door (left or right) by simply flipping around and mounting to the opposite side of the frame. If you have a preference for exactly where the mounting plate is located please let us know by calling call 888-211-0617 or email PLEASE NOTE:Our "out-of-the-box configuration for the Cut-Over is a left-side mount facing from the inside your home out through the screen door (this places the mounting plate on the outside of the screen door from the same point of view)

  • Universal (screen-mounted): universal mount screen pet doors are a specialty product which does not mount to the screen door frame and is instead mounted to the screen mesh itself. This is not a good choice for very large dogs as they can cause the screen to rip if impacted to hard. Please call 888-211-0617 or email if you would like to place an order for this style of Thru-Screen door!


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