Keep Your Dog Safe & Happy Outdoors with a Dog Barrier Fence

Select time-tested and purpose-built fencing to keep your dog safe in your yard. Whether you need to block gaps or extend your current fence or put up an entirely new fence, we have the tools and materials you need to do it quickly, easily, and completely secure. Keep your dog in, and unwanted critters out. Create your outside dog barrier fence with Dog Proofer today!

Create A New Fence Line

Build a new fence line wherever you need it. Any configuration, any size! Use it to partition a portion of your yard, to block off areas, or enclose an open outdoor space for your dog.

Modify Existing Fencing

Stop your dog from digging under, climbing over, or squeezing through gaps in your fence. Modify your existing fencing for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

3 Ways to Pet-Proof

Make it Taller

With an Extension Kit

Close the Gaps

With a Wide Gap Kit

Dig-Proof It

With Dig Proofer


We offer many of our items individually to supplement your project, for expansion of your existing enclosed area, and for repairs/replacements.

Installation Tools

Find the right tools to make outside dog fence installation a snap! We offer both specialized and general use tools to make installation easier, faster, and better looking.

Which Dog Barrier Fence Is Right for Your Pup?

Here at Dog Proofer, we offer flexible fencing solutions to meet the needs of your pups. If you already have a fence in place, there’s no need to tear it down and start over. Instead, you can alter your enclosure with fence modifications. We carry solutions to counteract every dog’s escape plan, from the Houdini-Proof extension kit, which keeps jumping or climbing dogs from escaping, to the Dig Proofer System, which stops pups from digging their way to the other side.

Our DIY dog barrier fences come in multiple sizes. The 4.5-foot fence is excellent for small to medium-sized dogs, whereas the 6-foot option is better suited for larger or more athletic pups. The 7-foot escape-proof version is equipped with a curved extension along the top, which helps keep athletic pets (hoppers or climbers) on your side of the outside dog fence.

Our products are made with animal safety in mind. Dog Proofer fences are easy to set up and 100% humane. Our goal has always been to empower pets to be happy and healthy with outdoor space to run and play without painful or restrictive products like shock collars, tethers, or bird spikes. Additionally, we offer all the tools and components you need when constructing your dog barrier fence. We want to make this process as simple as possible so your pooch can enjoy its new enclosure as soon as possible.

Why Choose Dog Proofer?

Our goal, as a family-owned business full of pet lovers, is to make your dog as happy and safe as we want our own pets to be. In fact, we have made 19 version improvements to our patented design over the last 20 years to ensure our products stay up-to-date.

These outside dog fences are made with heavy-duty steel components and durable wire mesh, which allows your pet to visually inspect the area beyond the fence without leaving the safe space. This dog barrier fence not only keeps your pup securely in your yard but also creates a visually appealing space that is built to withstand the test of time.

We offer a 3-Year Warranty on parts and materials and replace defective components free of charge, as we want you to have the perfect setup from the start. Our planning experts are happy to help you find the best option for your pet.