Build a New Dog Fence in Hours, Not Days

Create a dog-safe barrier wherever you need it to keep dogs in… or out! No back-breaking digging, no heavy concrete. The Dog Proofer DIY Freestanding Dog Fence installs in a fraction of the time compared to traditional fencing and at a fraction of the cost.

Composed of rugged steel components, the DIY Freestanding Dog Fence System is purpose-built for dogs and their owners alike. Available in three sizes, this system suits dogs of all sizes. From small to large, the fence is even effective for escape artists that can leap over traditional fencing. For dogs that prefer to make their escape underneath rather than over, every fence kit includes a seamless, dig-proof barrier on the ground to prevent digging and chewing.

The airy quality of the heavy-duty wire mesh allows your dog to keep an eye on everything beyond the fence, while humans enjoy a minimal visual impact to the beauty of the existing outdoor space as the fencing disappears into the surroundings from a distance.

Keep your dog safe and happy outdoors with one of our DIY Freestanding Dog Fence Systems!

4.5 Foot Tall Version

For small to medium-sized dogs (up to 40 lbs)

Best for dogs that are not inclined to jump or climb over the fence, this version uses our standard 1 ⅜” diameter posts designed to be easy to install.


6 Foot Tall Version

For medium to large-sized dogs (40+ lbs)

Our most popular version! This fence option is great for containing dogs of all sizes, including athletic jumpers. To hold up to the expected wear and tear of larger dogs, this version uses upgraded heavy-duty 1 ⅝” diameter posts.


7 Foot Tall Escape-Proof Version

For medium to large-sized escape artist dogs (40+ lbs)

Designed with the most talented escape artists in mind, this version includes our patented design Houdini-Proof curved extensions along the top of the 6 foot tall fence. The extensions create an arch along the perimeter to prevent dogs from jumping or climbing regardless of their size or abilities.


Human Entry Gates

Dogs Digging Under Fence Kit

Available for all three fence versions

Pair your DIY Freestanding Dog Fence with a heavy-duty frame gate for secure human entry in and out of the enclosure. The heavy-duty frame gate is designed with durability in mind - it uses 1 ⅜” powder-coated galvanized steel tubing that withstands everyday use. A gate can be paired with your specific fence version, and is available in two widths: 36” or 60”.

*The gate version that will work with your system will depend on the DIY Freestanding Dog Fence version you select.