Dog Fence Components

Adding a dog fence to your yard is an excellent way to let your dog safely roam the outdoor world. Dog Proofer has your fencing solutions if you already have dog fence panels installed and want to add height, dig control, or extra security to your fence posts. Shop our fence components to build your dog the perfect outdoor oasis.

U-Bolt Hardware for Round Posts

U-Bolts for Round Posts are used to secure Dog-Proofer (Straight and Houdini) Arms to round fence posts which are most commonly found on chain link fencing. The U-Bolts come in pairs of two with four ...

$4.69 & Up $7.00

Houdini-Proof Dog-Proofer Fence Extension Arm

The Existing Fence Dog Containment Arms (ARM ONLY) when coupled with a welded wire or strong poly fence will secure your 4' or higher fence against jumping and climbing dogs. The arms can attach to mo...

$39.99 & Up $60.00

Heavy Duty Zip Ties (Bag of 100)

These heavy-duty 120lb test zip ties are black and UV stabilized. Use these ties to secure the poly or welded wire fencing to the Dog-Proofer Arms. Also, use to secure our fencing material to other fe...

$17.29 & Up $20.00

Standard Dog-Proofer Fence Extension Arm

The Standard Dog-Proofer Fence Extension Arms are used to extend existing fences for dogs who just need the fence to be higher. For dogs who are climbers, we recommend the Houdini-Proof Dog-Proofer Ar...


Corner Adapter for Dog Proofer Arms

This kit is designed to adapt one Houdini Dog-Proofer Arm to a wood fence corner post. The Corner Adapter for Houdini Dog-Proofer Arms allows the arm to be secured to a corner post pointed in at a 45-...

$8.99 & Up $13.00

U-Bolt Hardware for 2" Square Post

U-Bolt Set for 2" Square Post is used to secure both Dog-Proofer Arms to 2" square posts, most commonly found on decorative aluminum and steel fenced. The U-Bolts come in pairs of two with four washer...

$4.69 & Up $7.00

Heavy Duty Entry Gate for Freestanding Dog Fence System

Sometimes humans need to come in and out of the fencing area! Gates can be set during the initial installation or after as needed. The gate frame tubing is made from 1 3/8 powder-coated steel and is d...


12" Ground Stakes (Box of 30)

Our Ground Stakes are used to pin a fence material to the ground. We developed them for our Purrfect Fence Free-Standing System to pin the welded wire we use on that fence to the ground. In that syste...



This kit is useful when securing the bottom portion of mesh fencing to a non-wooden surface such as PVC, Brick, or Block. The kit has 100' of banding made of nylon that is woven through the mesh and s...

$41.49 & Up $58.00

Post Kit Add on to Freestanding DIY Dog Fence

Sometimes a specific layout will make your Freestanding DIY Dog Fence System require a couple of extra posts... Our Post Kits contain all of the components necessary for complete post assemblies. Alth...


Attachments and Parts to Build Your Dream Fence

Dog Proofer specializes in creating safe outdoor spaces for dogs so they can roam outside freely. Dogs are notorious for digging, jumping, and climbing fences. However, our panel extenders make it near impossible for your dog to escape from your backyard.

If you’re looking for an outdoor dog gate, you'll love our gate that easily molds right into your dog fence panel. You can easily walk in and out of your dog area and match your door's size to your desired height. 

Post extenders and arm extenders allow you to create a dog fence up to seven feet tall with Houdini-proof arm extenders and mesh to ensure your dog stays within the fenced area. Post bolts and zip tie components are available to stabilize and secure your additional pieces to the fence. Ground stakes support ground mesh and keep your dog from digging pesky holes under the fence. 

Dog Proofer can confidently tell you that these fences are 99% effective at keeping your pet within its boundaries when you properly build the dog fence panels. Now that's a win for any dog owner! You no longer have to watch your dog in the backyard or run around the neighborhood to catch your four-legged pal. 

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Expert Design and Creation

Dogs are commonly considered best friends or family. And you can show how much you appreciate your dog by adding an outdoor play area to your yard. No matter the size of your yard, Dog Proofer experts can help you design an outdoor space suitable for your property.

Our free-standing dog fence panels have gone through extensive design and testing to ensure they withstand even the harshest environments for long-lasting enjoyment for your furry family member. Speak to one of our design engineers to help you create the perfect outdoor dog fence to suite your needs.

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Install Your Dog Fence in a Weekend

Dog Proofer free-standing fences and fence extensions attach to any wood, metal, chain-link, block, brick, or vinyl fence. Posts, wire mesh, and attachments are easy to install by yourself with our install tools or have a local handyman complete the project for you. A typical small to medium outdoor dog gate only takes a weekend to set up. Shop our fence components today and make the best outdoor space for your dog to run, relax, and play.

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