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Our pet doors, suitable for both dogs and cats, are an ideal addition to any door in your home. They are designed to accommodate pets of all sizes and are crafted with the high-quality standards you would anticipate from a leading pet door manufacturer. These pet doors are not only easy to install but also seamlessly integrate with any door type, enhancing convenience for your pets. 

GLASS DOORS:This listing is NOT for Glass Doors. For Through-Glass please see the correct product listing here

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DIY Dog Doors by Hale

Dog Proofer Pet Doors, manufactured in partnership with Hale Pet Doors, offer the ultimate convenience for your pets! Allow your furry family members the freedom to enter and exit your home as they wish. Suitable for any door and any pet size, our pet doors are designed with the quality and expertise you’d expect from a leading pet door provider.

Whether you need a pet door for your dog or cat, Dog Proofer’s made-to-order pet doors, manufactured in the USA by Hale Pet Door, have an option that will meet your needs. Dog Proofer’s “Door Model” pet doors are easy to install and can be fitted into nearly any interior or exterior door in your home.

If your yard is safe and secure, you can say goodbye to the days of having to rush home to let your pet outside or braving the cold or dark to call them back inside. With our pet doors, your pets can freely move in and out of your home, without your assistance.

We offer a range of size options to ensure the best fit for your pet and your selected home door. Ranging from small to giant, our pet doors cater to all breeds from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. Additionally, we provide customizable options such as the number of flaps and frame color. Not finding exactly what you need? Feel free to contact us today to discuss custom options!

Choose Dog Proofer’s line of Hale Pet Doors to create pet-friendly outdoor access that not only serves your pet’s needs but also blends seamlessly with your home’s design.

Safe Outdoor Access with Dog Proofer Fences

Dog Proofer’s containment solutions and fences can be an excellent complement to adding a pet door by providing a safe and convenient environment for your pets! We always recommend securing your yard or kennel if you plan to allow your dog or cat access to the pet door when you are not home.

Whether your dog can go over, under, or through your existing fence, or if you do not have an existing fence - Dog Proofer has a solution for you! Our humane dog containment options are designed to secure your yard and prevent escapes if your dog is jumping or climbing over, digging under, or squeezing through fence gaps. There are even options for creating a new dog-safe fence line from the ground up if you do not have an existing fence! A safe outdoor environment, coupled with a Dog Proofer Pet Door manufactured by Hale, provides your pets with the freedom to safely enter and exit the home as they please!

Dog Proofer containment solutions, fences, and pet doors are crafted with the highest quality materials and built with safety in mind. Pet doors come in various sizes and colors to match the interior and/or exterior of your home and can be installed within any standard door in your home.

Door Model v. Other Models

The choice of pet door model ultimately depends on your specific requirements as a pet owner and homeowner. While our door model pet doors are popular for their ease of installation, we also offer other models, allowing you to choose based on your preferred installation location.

Many homeowners opt for pet doors that lead directly to a secure backyard. Given the unique layout of each home, the most straightforward way to achieve this is often by installing a pet door in an existing door that already leads outside.

Our door model pet doors are particularly popular due to their ease of installation. Installing a pet door through a wall can be complex, requiring careful consideration of structural elements and the avoidance of electrical and plumbing. In contrast, installing a pet door in an existing door is a simpler process that requires less planning and eliminates the risk of damaging utility lines during installation.

The Importance of Quality Pet Doors

We are committed to providing a high-quality product that not only serves you and your pet but also ensures the security of your home is not compromised by the installation of our pet doors. Every Dog Proofer pet door is manufactured in the USA by Hale Pet Doors. Each door is made-to-order with the highest quality workmanship and finest materials available.

Our product also comes with an unmatched factory warranty for your peace of mind. By choosing a Dog Proofer pet door, manufactured in partnership with the leading pet door manufacturer Hale Pet Doors, you are granting your pet the liberty to enjoy the outdoors at their leisure. It’s an investment that both you and your furry companion will appreciate. Whether you’re looking for a dog or a cat door for any door in your home, Hale Pet Door has a door model pet door that will work great for you.

Gone are the days of having to be home to let your pet outside to go to the bathroom, or trek outside in the dark or cold weather to call them back in. With a pet door, your dog or cat can come and go from your home as they please, and you don’t need to be around to help them.

Our door model pet doors have a variety of options to fit best for your pet and your home. We offer door dog doors and door cat doors in sizes small to giant to accommodate your furry friend of any size -- from chihuahuas to great danes. We offer other customizable options like the number of flaps on your pet door, the frame color, and many other options.

Customize your door so it works well for your pet and blends seamlessly into the design of your home.

Finding the Right Size Pet Door

Each Dog Proofer pet door is 'made-to-order,' and our partnership with Hale provides us a large variety of 'standard' pet door sizes or the ability to create custom sizes to suit any application.

Measure from the top of your pet’s shoulder to the ground

The flaps of the pet door should be aminimum of 1-2 inches above the top of your pet’s back not the head. Getting this height requires measuring from the "withers" (top of your pet's shoulders) down to the floor. Remember your door is not placed flush with the floor (it will be slightly higher than the floor). For multiple pets sharing a household, measure the tallest one.
A tip from the experts:If you are struggling to get your dog to remain still for measurements, try standing next to your dog and marking your finger level with your pet's shoulders on your leg, then measure from the floor to that spot on your leg!

Face your pet and measure across their chest!

Hopefully this is the easy one! Measure your pet at their chest's widest point and then add 1-2 inches to ensure a comfortable fit.
A tip from the experts:If you have trouble getting this measurement, you can open a door just wide enough for your pet to pass through and measure the width of the opening, again adding 1-2 inches for the most comfortable fit. If your pet is long-haired, don’t forget that this may make them appear wider than they really are!

Dog Proofer Pet doors are designed to make DIY installation a breeze. Because of this, many customers choose to install their new pet door on their own. Download Door model Installation Instructions

We understand not every installation will be straightforward! Sometimes you need a little help! If you are interested in professional installation, please review pricing and click the button below to submit a request to our team and we will do our best to find a preferred installer near you!

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Estimated Installation Prices: Dog Proofer offers nationwide network of installers, see below for price estimates by product.


Wood Doors
(under 2" thickness)

$275 to $475

Metal Doors
(under 2" thickness)

$295 to $595
Over 2" Thick Wood & Metal Doors Add $100 to $200 Add this to your selected pet door installation price
Glass Doors & Windows
(single pane)
$400 to $1,400 Price includes custom glass fabrication / installation and can vary widely depending on specific glass!
Glass Doors & Windows
(double pane)
$900 to $2,500 Price includes custom glass fabrication / installation and can vary widely depending on specific glass!
Extra Large Glass (over 3'W x 5'H) Add $500 to $1,000 per pane of glass Oversized glass requires additional fabrication, handling, and shipping costs!
Small Panes of Glass
(under 2'W x 3'H)
Subtract $200 to $400 per pane of glass Some small, simple glass fabrication jobs can be as low as $250-500 for the custom fabrication and installation!

Please Note: prices may vary based on your location, specific installation surface/circumstances, and other on-site factors which need to be determined by each installer. These price ranges are nationwide estimates. While we do cover over 90% of the continental USA, Installation is NOT offered in all locations.

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