Wide Gap Barrier Dog Fence Kit

Is your dog going through the gaps of your wrought iron, aluminum, or wood picket fence? We have a simple solution without using an unsightly barrier or unnecessary shock collars. These types of fences were not designed with smaller dogs in mind. With Dog Proofer’s Fence Barrier Kit, you can quickly and easily create a long-lasting barrier around your fence to keep your small dog in. 

Made of black vinyl-coated heavy-duty galvanized steel wire, our dog fence kit comes in two heights: 24 inches and 42 inches. Ideal for a small dog fence, the 24" barrier works well for smaller dogs with limited jumping ability. The 42" inch version is for the more jump-prone breeds. The welded wire squares are 1.7" x 1.7", so your dog can’t squeeze through the fence, but you and your pet can easily see through it. The welded wire can also be trimmed to accommodate certain heights or work around obstructions in the fence line. For reference, the diameter of the individual wires that make the mesh is about 2.0-2.2mm.

This dog fence kit is secured to your existing fence with heavy-duty UV-resistant zip ties, which can be installed by hand or with our Zip Tie Tool accessory (potentially saving you time, providing a cleaner look, and less hand fatigue). 

This quick-fix small dog fence is installed easily with only a pair of heavy-duty snips (aviation snips/tin snips). No other tools or skills are required!

For households with multiple dogs of varying sizes, you might find that while small dogs can squeeze through a fence with wide gaps between pickets, larger dogs might jump or climb over the fence to get out. Consider combining dog fence kits to secure your dogs. Combine a Wide Gap Barrier Kit with one of our fence extension kits to keep dogs of all sizes safely contained. Read more about how you can combine Dog Proofer systems to create a safe outdoor space for your pet.

Wide Gap Fence System 100 Foot Kit 150 Foot Kit 200 Foot Kit 250 Foot Kit 300 Foot Kit 350 Foot Kit 400 Foot Kit
Specially Formulated 24" OR 42" Welded Wire 100 Feet 150 Feet 200 Feet 250 Feet 300 Feet 350 Feet 400 Feet
UV Rated Ties (bags of 100) 1 2 2 3 3 4 4
Written Installation Instructions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Installation Instructions

Wrought Iron / Aluminum ⏤ UV-resistant zip ties (included) are used to hold the wire mesh to your existing fence securely.

Wood ⏤ Use heavy-duty "fence" or "romex" staples (not provided) to hold our dog fence kit to wood surfaces. If pickets are small enough, zip ties can also be used.

Brick & Block ⏤ Our small dog fence can also be installed on these surfaces. Specialty masonry fasteners will need to be used with washer heads to securely hold the mesh wire to the surface.

Keep Your Pet in the Yard With Dog Proofer

Is your dog squeezing through the fence? Do you want to prevent your dog from escaping? Keep your pup in your yard with Dog Proofer’s wide gap dog fence kit. Our fencing solutions are made with the highest quality materials and come with a three-year warranty. Talk to our experts to find the best fence system for your dog and property.


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