Houdini-Proof Dog-Proofer Fence Extension Arm


The Existing Fence Dog Containment Arms (ARM ONLY) when coupled with a welded wire or strong poly fence will secure your 4' or higher fence against jumping and climbing dogs. The arms can attach to most walls and fence types including but not limited to wood, chain link, wire-backed split rail, decorative aluminum/wrought iron, and PVC. The arms are made of 1 3/8" diameter 16 gauge galvanized steel tube and are finished with a UV stable black powder coat finish. 

Works on nearly all fence types:

The arms secure to wood posts with screws or lags, round metal posts (like for chain link) with U-Bolts, and square metal posts with Square U-Bolts.

Both fence options are secured to the Dog-Proofer arms with our black UV stable 120lb test Heavy Duty Zip Ties.

Installation Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Irene von Lazar
Happy dog Happy owners!

The Houdini proof fence extender has allowed my dog free access to the yard again. We don’t have to worry about her jumping into the neighbors’ yards anymore.
It was easy to install as well!

Jalene Buckner
Make your fence safe

We added the extension arms to our dog daycare outdoor yard fence. It's the perfect solution, quality product and highly recommend it to anyone trying to secure their fence.

Charlie Cooke
Great fence

The Installation was easy and took me a few hours to complete the install with the help of my 9 and 11 year old daughters. I have a Gsp that was climbing my 6’ fence and jumping it. I extended our fence to 7’ and she was still jumping it. I installed the Houdini fence with the poly fence and extended it to 8’! She hasn’t managed to get our of the yard again which is a blessing. That’s for the help ans the great product.

Keith Autry
Effective low cost alternative that is easy to install

Perfect solution when we needed a fast way to increase the height and security of our cinderblock fence to accommodate a fence jumping rescue dog!

Kyle Walker
Great extensions

I have a 90lb coonhound escape artist who has been contained. I have been able to introduce a husky into the mix as well, knowing they won't be able to climb over the 6ft privacy anymore. Great product!

Heather Lefaivre
Love it!

A neighbors dog would stand on some objects in their back yard and continuously bark at our dog over a 6’ fence. My very athletic dog would try to jump up at the other dog as the barking would trigger her, despite our efforts to avoid the situation. Our dog ended up with a couple bite marks on her face, so through research, I found the dog-proofer extenders. It has been amazing - We can now let our dog out in our fenced in backyard without being on edge / worrying of her getting injured!

Extra little yard for doggies

Installed dog proofer on big house yard and it worked so great keeping our beagle mix contained that I had the exact same product installed on a little smaller yard we have doggie play dates and other visits. So great to not worry anymore about a potential escaped dog running after squirrels or other farm critters.