Dog Fence Height Extension Kit

Keep your pets safely contained! This fence kit uses durable, purpose built components and will extend the height of an existing fence of any type by up to 3 feet.  
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Does your dog jump over your existing fence with ease? The Standard Dog Proofer Fence Extension Kit utilizes our straight fence height extensions to make your fence up to 3' taller and stop dogs from jumping over existing fencing!

Types of fence systems

Extend the height of an existing fence of nearly any type. Our dog-proof fence top works with several fence types, including but not limited to wood, chainlink, brick/concrete block, and decorative aluminum/wrought iron.

Need an extension that can raise the fence height taller than three feet to keep your dog safe and secure? We can help! Please contact us.

Durable, Purpose-Built Components

The Dog Proofer Standard Fence Extensions are made of a single piece of 1 ⅜” diameter, 16 gauge galvanized steel tubing that is finished in a durable black powder coating. Each fence height extension has two mounting plates welded in place that work on any flat fence post, wall, or surface. Using U-bolts, the extensions can also attach to round or square fence posts, making them ideal extenders of chain link fencing and decorative aluminum or wrought iron fences.

See the "Kit Contents" Tab for information on what is included in each kit size.

Mesh Fencing Options

Each dog-proof fence topper kit includes your choice of mesh fencing material. Choose either Durable Poly Mesh or Heavy-Duty Welded Wire Mesh.

Durable Poly Mesh is a fencing material made with a specially formulated thermoplastic polymer formed into a grid that is not only flexible, but also very strong. This fence height extension material has a 600lb breaking strength and includes UV inhibitors that make it perfectly suited for outdoors. Poly mesh tends to be easier to install and less costly compared to the welded wire option.

If your dog is aggressive or tends to chew or pull at the fence with their teeth, we offer an upgraded Heavy-Duty Welded Wire Mesh fence extension option. This is a strong steel fence material that guards against chewing damage. The fence material is made of steel strands formed into a square grid pattern and welded together to create openings that measure 1.7” x 1.7”. The diameter of the individual wires is about 2.0-2.2mm. The welds are made with ungalvanized steel, and the whole mesh sheet is hot-dip galvanized before the black vinyl coating is applied. This makes for very strong welds and durable, long-lasting fence height extension material.

Combine Fencing Solutions

Our Freestanding DIY Dog Fence can be used to build a new fence line from the ground up and create a standalone enclosure for your dog. But did you know it can work with your existing fence, too? Create a barrier across a walkway, use it as a partition to divide a yard or keep dogs separated, or use part of your existing fence to create an enclosure within your yard. Freestanding DIY Dog Fence can even be used alongside a dog-proof fence topper!

Gaps in your fence line? Incomplete perimeter fence? Or maybe a shared fence with your neighbor that you can’t modify? Fill in the gaps with our Freestanding DIY Dog Fence!

Dog going over AND under the fence? Consider combining Dog Proofer’s fence height extension with our Dig Proofer system.

Read more about how you can combine Dog Proofer systems to create a safe outdoor space for your pet.

Standard Straight Fence Extension System 50 Foot Kit 100 Foot Kit 150 Foot Kit 200 Foot Kit 250 Foot Kit 300 Foot Kit 350 Foot Kit 400 Foot Kit
Straight Standard Fence Extensions 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48
42" Durable Poly Mesh OR Heavy-Duty Welded Wire Mesh 50 Feet 100 Feet 150 Feet 200 Feet 250 Feet 300 Feet 350 Feet 400 Feet
UV Rated Ties (bags of 100) 1 1
Written Installation Instructions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

*Fasteners are NOT included in our fence extension kits due to the wide variety of fence types. Refer to the Installation Tab for more information on selecting the right fastener.

Note: arms, fences, zip ties, and other accessories are available separately. Please order according to your needs, which may require more or less than the number of components provided in the fence height extension kits. Contact us if you would like assistance determining what components you will require for your specific application.

The dog-proof fence topper arms secure to wood posts with screws or lags, round metal posts (like for chain link) with U-Bolts, and square metal posts with Square U-Bolts.

Both fence material mesh options are secured to the Dog-Proofer arms with our black UV stable 120lb test Heavy Duty Zip Ties.

Installation Instructions

Chain Link Fences:

  • You will need (2) U-Bolts of the appropriate size to secure the fence height extension kit’s Houdini-Proof arm around the chain link post. We sell U-Bolts in sets of two, so one set of U-Bolts is what you need to secure one arm. 
  • It is not easy to measure the diameter of round chain link posts due to post caps and top rails blocking access to the top edge of posts. Use a soft tape measure like the kind of measuring tape used for sewing to measure the circumference of the post. A circumference of about 5 1/4" = 1 5/8" post, a circumference of about 6" = 2" post, and a circumference of about 7 5/16" = 2 1/2" post. Measure all posts when installing your fence extension system because chain link fences have bigger posts at corners, endpoints, and gates.
  • The tubes for gates are usually smaller (1 3/8" diameter) tubes. To secure our fence height extension system, use a 1 5/8" U-Bolt to a gate tube. If you have a single door gate that will open in, you need one arm on both the gate hinge and latch-to posts and an arm on the gate on the latch side. A double door gate opening in would require that both gates have an arm where the gates meet. For outward opening gates, you need one on each gate post and one on each side of the gate. The arms on the gate need to be set higher so that when the gate opens, the arms on the gate can pass over the arms on the posts.
  • Plan on ordering one additional bag of ties for use at the bottom, where the fencing material from our dog-proof fence topper meets your chain link fence. The two are secured together with one tie every 12 inches around the bottom perimeter.

Decorative Aluminum/Steel and Wrought iron Fences:

  • Use square U-Bolts to secure the arms to the posts. We sell the most common size of 2". Check your post size before you start installing your fence height extension kit. You can also use self-drilling/tapping screws or a drill and bolts. You will likely need to use self-drilling/tapping screws or bolts at gates.
  • Plan on ordering one additional bag of ties for use at the bottom, where the fencing material from our fence extension system meets your fence. The two are secured together with one tie every 12 inches around the bottom perimeter.

Wood Fences:

  • Where possible, attach the fence height extension arms to the posts with outdoor wood screws or lags. At corners, you may need our Corner Adaptor Kit as the corner arm needs to point at a 45-degree angle. 
  • Outward opening gates require an arm on both sides of the gate, and those arms need to be higher than the arms on the gate posts so the arms on the gate can swing over the arms on the posts.
  • Inward opening gates require an arm on the gate posts and an arm on the gate on the latch side. When installing the dog-proof fence topper, cut the fence between the arm on the latch post, and the latch side of the gate and the gate will open.

Masonry Walls:

Secure the arms to the wall with masonry fasteners. Use four masonry fasteners per arm.

If you have specific questions, call 888-211-0617 Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM ET or email

Prevent Jumping Over Your Fence With Dog Proofer

Is your dog jumping over the fence? Are foxes, coyotes, and other predators jumping over your barrier and into your yard? Keep your dog in and predators out with Dog Proofer’s fence height extension system. Our dog-proof fence topper is highly effective, stands up to time, and comes with a three-year warranty. Contact our experts if you have any questions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Jenny Rush
Disappointed Dog

Our dog was happily clearing the fence in our yard. We could see he thought it was pretty funny. We did not share the humor as we need him to be safe from various and sundry animals here in Maine. So we added the extension fence. It took us a couple of hours to install it and it has worked perfectly. We have a safe dog. That's all the counts. Very happy with this product.

Cait B
Thrilled with this product!

I could not be happier with this product. Our new dogs were able to easily jump the existing 4' chainlink fence. This was SO much cheaper (and easier) than replacing the exisiting fence with a taller one. I'm not handy at all and I had no problem installing it myself. It's durable and blends right in with the existing fence.

Sean H.
Crash Tested

While I had hoped to introduce my dog to the fence extension safely, naturally, she saw a squirrel and launched across the yard and into the extensions. Thankfully she bounced off safely and has not attempted to jump the fence since. I love this product, it has done exactly what I needed it to do!

Cece Everitt
Great product, easy to install.

Easy to install, looks good. Feels sturdy and durable. Have large puppy who likes to stand at fence with elbows on fence. Scares neighbors, so 3 feet taller fencing is great.

Jack Abiuso
Very satisfied

Thanks for all your assistance regarding the order and I’m very satisfied with your product. I believe Matt(?) assisted me via numerous calls. With keep you in mind for referrals – our breed Airedale Terrier has a knack for wanting to be on the other side ‘of the fence’!

Blue Sky Canine Coaching
Dog Trainer Approval

I am a certified professional dog trainer. I have a cattle dog who recently started pulling herself over our fence to get at raccoons in my neighbor’s yard, resulting in more than a few fights with those little bear cousins. My dog has won each time which only makes her more eager to get at the next raccoon. I do not like using shock collars or similar devices on my dogs and encourage my clients to seek out other means to keep their dogs contained. There is research demonstrating that shock collars can cause unintended behavioral issues. I have worked with more than a few dogs who have developed more aggression or more fearful behaviors because of a shock collar….or dogs that just blow through the shock to get off the property. Besides, raising the height of my fence with Dog-Proofer Extension System was easy with no additional training or monitoring required on my part…..and no batteries! It’s been up for two months, it's the height of raccoon activity and my dog has stayed safe inside my fence. The raccoons are safe from my dog as well!

Mary Santowski
It really works

We rescued a great Dog in November but what she really liked were the Rabbits that roam our neighborhood. She was able to hop over our fences to chase after. We bought dogproofer. Its kept me worry free and your dog can no longer escape. Now if only dogproofer can develop something to keep the Rabbits OUT! Thank you