Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Which of the dog fencing systems is right for me and my dogs?

A – Both our vertical dog arms as well as our curved dog arms will work in most situations for containment. The straight arms are geared more for jumping only situations while the curved over "Houdini-Proof" arms are for climbers. We offer the straight arms as a secondary option for those who might prefer the aesthetic of those more or for people who may have trees or shrubs against the fence, which could get in the way of using the curved arms. The other use of the straight "Standard" arms is that they can raise your fence a foot higher than our "Houdini-Proof" for a total fence height increase of 3' which is good if your fence is very low.

Our systems designed for digging and for blocking gaps in fencing are uniquely used for the application. If you have gaps in between your pickets that your dog is slipping through then our Wide Gap System is a great choice. If you have a dog digging hold under your fence or gaps along the bottom then our Dig Proofer System is the best solution.

Q – Should I buy the kit with the Plastic Mesh or the one with the Welded Wire option?

A - This is only an option on our fence extension arms. In terms of which material to use, most dogs are fine with the plastic (standard). The only people who really need to consider the welded wire (heavy duty) option are those folks whose dogs might be inclined to try to get a mouthful of the material and hang from the fence. The plastic fence is very strong and great for impact but point loads on the joints like those applied with a dog's tooth can snap the joint and make a hole.

Q – My existing fence has gaps at the bottom and I am afraid my dog will dig under the existing fence and escape. What can I do to prevent this?

A – Our Dig Proofer System is specially designed to solve this issue on any fence type.

Q – Do I need any special arm extensions or hardware for gates?

A – You do not. What you WILL need to consider is the number of arms needed for installing on gates. For an inward opening gate (using plastic mesh), you will need 3 arms – one for the hinged side (post) and two for the gate opening (one on the post and one on the gate). For the Welded Wire option, you need four arms for each gate. See the “Installation Instructions” section to view our written instructions.

Q – Can the Dog Proofer Products be used on chain link fence?

A – It can indeed. In fact all of our systems work on 99.9% of all fence types when using our installation guidelines. If you are considering arm extensions, you may need to know the diameters of your posts and buy U-Bolts, either from us or ones that you source locally. Something to keep in mind with chain link fences – Typically the gate posts and corner posts are a wider diameter than the line posts.

Q – I am not incredibly mechanically inclined… Can I install this myself?

A – All of our products are designed to be home owner installed. That said, should you need any guidance, we are available Monday through Friday and would be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have. It never hurts to have a "handy" friend present to make things go smoother.

Q – Can you help me figure out what I need to order?

A – Absolutely. Feel free to email any photos, diagrams and/or measurements you may have to or give us a call at 888-211-0617 and we’d be happy to assist you with planning the best solution for your yard.

Q – Do you only offer kits in 50' increments?

A – The short answer is yes, all of our kits are available in kits starting at 50' and going up to 400' in 50' increments. Due to the lengths of poly and welded wire mesh fence rolls available, this is the most logical way for us to package kits.

In "kit" form, we are also able to lower the per-item price within the pre-determined kit compared to purchasing those items individually.

Lastly, offering pre-determined kit lengths also allows us to offer additional savings on shipping compared to purchasing individual parts and/or components.

Q – Is it possible to buy an amount of fence that is in between the pre-determined kit lengths?

A – Should you need an odd amount that falls somewhere in between kits, please contact us and we can both help you figure out what would work best and also quote you several options to be sure to find the most cost-effective solution for your needs.

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