Easy Ways To Stop Your Dog From Jumping Over The Fence

Easy Ways To Stop Your Dog From Jumping Over The Fence

Dogs are energetic animals who love to play and jump around. As a result, you may often find your pet trying to jump or even climb over the fence. However, jumping over the fence can put them at risk of injuries, escape, or attacks by other animals. They may even wander off to unsafe areas such as busy roads once they cross your fence line. In such cases, you need to think about ways to secure your outdoor dog fence. Let’s break down the reasons why dogs tend to jump over and explore easy ways to stop them from doing so!

Reasons Why Dogs Try to Jump Over Fences

It is important to understand why your dog is trying to jump over the fence. Identifying the reason behind their action can help you choose the most suitable solution for this problem. Here are the likely reasons:

  • Your dog is bored: Dogs require frequent stimulation to stay energized. They seek physical and mental exercise to keep themselves busy. If they do not get it, they get curious about the outside world and try to jump over the fence. 
  • Socializing: Your dog may be interested in interacting with the other neighborhood dogs or humans who live on the other side of the fence.  
  • Chase Something: Your dog may also want to jump over the fence because they want to escape towards something that is more interesting than their home territory. Perhaps they are eager to protect your home from potential intruders such as animals, dogs, or even humans. This could include things like deer, squirrels, or various types of livestock. If a male dog is unneutered, he could even be in search of a female dog in heat. 

  • Preventing Your Dog from Jumping Over the Fence: What Can You Do? 

    You can try out different solutions to keep your dog safe within your fenced area. Here are some options to explore:

  • Extend fence height: The best and most immediate solution will be to extend the fence height to stop your dog from jumping or climbing over the fence. There are two ways to do this. The first option is installing a straight arm extension that adds up to three feet to your fence. The other option is adding a curved arm extension that adds extra height and makes it physically impossible for your dog to climb over it. You can invest in a fence extension kit in materials like PVC mesh or welded wire mesh for extra security. 
  • Provide your dog with enough stimulation: Keeping dogs busy and giving them reasons to enjoy their enclosed area can prevent them from trying to jump over fences. Ensure that they get enough exercise or provide them with games and puzzles to engage their mind. 
  • Ensure interactions with other dogs: You can discuss with your neighbors and set up some play dates with neighboring dogs. If your dog is keen to mate with a nearby dog, you can consider spaying or neutering your pet. 

  • These options may help you stop your dogs from jumping over. You can explore Dog Proofer’s fences for dogs and innovative fencing solutions to find a product that suits your needs!