4 Ways To Make Your Backyard Fence Safer For Pets

Pet parents often experience stress about ensuring the safety of pets within their homes. Dogs and other animals love to run and play around yards. However, they may jump over fences, dig under them, or come into contact with predatory animals and intruders if there is no strong fence to keep them in. That is why robustbackyard fencing for dogs and other pets is critical to safeguard them. If you have an existing fence line, you can modify it to make it safer for your pets. Let’s explore the four ways in which you can customize an existing fence to dog-proof the barrier.

  • Curved Extensions: If your dog is a climber, there is a solution for that! These patented extenders can help you increase the fence height and make it close to impossible for dogs to jump and climb over. Curved extensions are unique because they form an arch at the top. This shape helps slow down a dog’s forward momentum as they try to jump or climb over the fence. As a result, it reduces the risks of fence-jumping. These extensions are excellent for large, enthusiastic dogs that jump over high fence lines. You can get curved extensions in different material options depending on the level of sturdiness you need. These extensions work with most types of fences like wood, PVC, chain link, or metal.
  • Straight Extensions: Sometimes, pet parents may realize that their existing fence line is too low to contain their pets. If your dog frequently jumps over the fence, you can consider straight extensions to increase the height. Straight extensions add up to 3 feet to your current fence to make it harder for your pets to jump. These highly affordable extensions are easy to install and compatible with different fencing materials. 
  • Wide Gap Barrier: Many families have wrought iron or wood picket fences with wide gaps. Small dogs can slip through these gaps and escape. A wide gap barrier can help solve this problem by creating a barrier around the fence. This easy-to-install solution is a humane alternative to shock collars. It helps protect dogs without compromising their well-being. You can choose the right size according to your dog’s requirements. If you have a smaller dog that is not prone to jumping, you can get a medium-height fencing kit. However, experts suggest opting for larger sizes if you have a larger dog who loves to jump.
  • Dig-Proof Barrier: Some dogs tend to dig under the fence line. This habit may cause your yard to look unsightly and unkempt. More importantly, it can expose your pets to predators and allow them to escape. A no-dig dog fence can help you navigate this issue by placing stakes in the ground. These stakes are compatible with most fencing materials, ensuring easy installation for the user. 

  • These four tools can help you improve the safety features of your existing fence line. However, if you want a purpose-built barrier from scratch, you can explore our solutions to buildfences for dogs. Check outDog Proofer’s offerings today to find what you need!


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