How to Satisfy an Indoor Cat That Wants to Go Outside

Keeping your cat indoors may seem like the perfect way to keep it safe and healthy. But locking your kitty inside can do more harm than good. Outdoor spaces provide plenty of stimulation, and you may find that yourindoor catdesperatelywants to go outside. In fact, someindoor catsare so obsessed with going outside that they become escape artists and begin to spend a good portion of the day planning an escape.

Pet owners assume a lot of responsibility when adopting a cat. There are health checkups and vet bills to pay. Purchasing nutritious food is expensive, and cats also need litter boxes and toys for entertainment. When investing so much in your pet, it’s natural to have concerns about letting it go outdoors. Fortunately, there are ways to give your cat quality outdoor time without jeopardizing its wellbeing.

Here are some solutions for allowing your cat to explore the outdoors safely:

Outdoor Cat Enclosures

If yourindoor cat wants to go outside, consider placing anoutdoor cat enclosure in your yard. These enclosures provide a safe space for your cat to enjoy nature. They prevent cats from roaming and protect them by preventing predators from entering their outdoor pens.

Some enclosures are portable or detached, making them ideal for people renting property or those with a homeowner’s association (HOA) that restricts them from installing a fence. Homeowners who can install fencing have plenty of permanent options to consider.

Having options ensures you can find a suitable way to accommodate anindoor cat obsessed with going outside while sticking to your budget. Read product descriptions andonline reviews to evaluate the pros and cons of each solution. This helps you find the best enclosure for your particular needs.

Cat Fence


Cat sitting outdoors in a fenced area

If you’re a homeowner and have anindoor catthat wants to go outside, cat proof fences are an excellent option.Installing cat fencing is a convenient investment because you won’t have to worry about setting it up and taking it down each time your cat goes outdoors. You can get a new fencing system ormodify your existing fence to create a cat-safe sanctuary in your yard.

Purrfect Fence offersfree-standing cat fences as well as existing fence conversion systems to create a safe outdoor environment forindoor catsthat want to go outside. Our patented design has a spring-loaded arm that swings down when your cat climbs the fence. This makes your cat feel like it’s falling, so it jumps back to the ground.

Cat Tent

A cat tent is a more affordable option forindoor cats obsessed with going outside.OurPurrfect PlayTent features a convenient design that lets you set up and take down your cat’s tent in seconds.More than 6 feet wide, 5 feet deep, and 3.5 feet tall, they give your cat plenty of space to explore.

Durable materials help the Purrfect PlayTent stand up to the elements. Your cat won’t be able to claw its way through the mesh, ensuring your tent will last a long time. If yourindoor cat wants to go outside when it’s raining, you can add sunshades to the tent so it won’t get wet.

Although a cat tent is smaller than other enclosures, it can be used on the ground or your patio, giving people with limited yard space maximum flexibility. It’s portable, so you can take it with you when visiting friends or going on vacation. 

Enclosed Penthouse


An enclosed, outdoor cat penthouse

Penthouse enclosures have a steel wire roof that prevents your cat from climbing out and predators from climbing in. At 7 ½ feet wide, 15 feet long, and up to 84 inches high, they provide plenty of roaming space forindoor catsthat want to go outside.You can lock its gate to prevent anyone from entering your cat’s space or letting it out. 

This outdoor cat pen option is more expensive than cat fencing, but it has the bonus of preventing birds from entering your cat’s space. Since its posts are planted into the ground, it offers more stability in areas with high winds. This is a perfect choice forindoor cats obsessed with going outside in places that experiencesevere weather conditions.


A catio has a cedar floor, so your cat’s enclosure can sit on a patio, deck, or grassy area. Like the Penthouse enclosure, aden catio includes a wire roof. You can thread a chain through the door and its frame and add a lock for extra security. 

There are a couple of catio options to choose from, ensuring you can find the right catio for your yard space and budget. You can also cut holes in the mesh toadd tunnels and other features that anyindoor catthat wants to go outside will love. 

Outdoor Appeal 

Cat hunts bugs and explores outdoor area

You might be surprised to discover that even cats that have never been outside yearn to go outdoors. Cats are curious and see plenty of intriguing things when they look outside. Blowing grass, flowers, and leaves draw their interest because they’re attracted to the movement and scents. Manyindoor cats areobsessed with going outside because birds and squirrels ignite their predatory instincts. 

Spending time outside can alleviate your cat’s stress andprevent harmful behaviors. Natural environments provide mental and physical stimulation, making outdoor enclosures the perfect option for anindoor catthat wants to go outside. Shelters also use enclosures to createplay spaces where cats can socialize safely. 

Let Your Cat Outside Safely With Purrfect Fence

Indoor cats can develop behavioral, emotional, and physical health issues without outdoor time. They aren’t motivated to hone their hunting instincts or use their senses. Stress and boredom can cause depression or harmful behaviors, such as scratching and over-vocalization.

If your cat is spraying indoors or clawing up furniture,it may want to go outside. Investing in a cat enclosure system can turn your grumpy cat into a healthy, happy companion. If yourindoor cat wants to go outside, Purrfect Fence’s outdoor enclosures can help.Call us to speak with a planning engineer to determine which product is best suited for your cat and property.


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