Standard Dog-Proofer Fence Extension Arm


The Standard Dog-Proofer Fence Extension Arms are used to extend existing fences for dogs who just need the fence to be higher. For dogs who are climbers, we recommend the Houdini-Proof Dog-Proofer Arms. The Standard Dog-Proofer Fence Extension Arms, when coupled with our strong poly mesh or welded wire will combine to make your fence up to 3' taller. The arms are designed to easily attach to most fences, walls, and gates. The universal mounting bracket allows the arms to be secured with standard fasteners to most fences and wall and accommodate U-Bolts to allow the arms to fasten to round and square metal posts.

Works on nearly all fence types:

Need an extension that can raise the fence height taller than 3 feet? We can help, please contact us!

Customer Reviews

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Megan Lizarraga

We live in the country and our dogs jumped out of their fenced yard and jumped in with our pet goats and lethally injured one. We were devastated as you can imagine. Someone recommended this company and it solved all our problems. Our yard is huge so it was very pricey to enclose and took a few days but was totally worth it. The design team helped with figuring what we need, and purchasing was simple. My friend and I installed it ourselves to PVC fencing which took additional prep but we got pretty good at it and it went pretty fast once we got it figured out. It has kept them contained now for about 6 weeks. They both tried to jump through it one time only. Highly recommend product, our dogs are contained and our view of our property isn't impacted.

LuAnne Moos
Great product!

I got tired of my neighbor's large dog aggressive dog trying to jump our fence to get to our puppy when we would take her out for potty training. Finally had a heated confrontation with the neighbor, who said his dog didn't do that. Looked for something to raise the height of the fence and found your product.

It was a God send! We're seniors and put it up by ourselves. Very easy. Next day, neighbor and dog were outside. Dog came charging, didn't notice the fence, and bounced off of it. I yelled over, "I thought your dog didn't do that!". Haven't seen dog or neighbor since and we can potty train our puppy in peace!

Thank you Dog Proofer!

Jill McFarland
Happy with the Results!

Great product! 100% effective! We have two medium large sized dogs; one I’ve nicknamed Houdini, who continually led our other dog astray. No more jumping or climbing out. Both are now kept safe and secure within the confines of their own yard.

Audrey Urbano
Dog is happy again and so are we...worth the money

When 950 ft of 4 ft fencing was not enough to contain our 75 lb rescue, I fortunately found this site. Slamming in extra 8 ft t posts to extend the fence to 6ft would have been an impossible ( and unsightly) job.We were able to make the welded wire and vertical extensions work with t posts on our rural property that had been fenced with barbed wire. It took about a week for 2 people to u bolt about 120 extensions to t posts and run the 950 ft of wire. The welded wire itself is unobtrusive. 10 ft spacing of the black extension poles would have been preferable to preserve our view but not always possible due to our terrain. Smaller projects on even ground should look even classier.Thank you, Matt, for your excellent knowledgeable customer service and prompt replies! I couldn't have (and wouldn't have) been able to configure and order this project without your help.

Richard Weldon
Good for dogs and neighbors!

The sight of the black plastic both intimidates my dog and disappears from sight if looked at from the street by my neighbors,

gary dembski
Best invetment I ever did.

Had a dog we were fostering and he could climb over our 4 foot stockade fence. Added 24 " above the stockade fence, problem solved. 140 feet installed in 6 hours. Strong, durable, well made very well. Looks great installed as well.
Gary Dembski, Illinois

Eann Rains
Extension arm works great

The posts were easy to install on my deck railing posts using U-bolts. I purchased square U-bolts (the packet includes nuts and washers) from Dog Proofer, which was much more convenient than trying to find enough of them in the right size at my local home improvement stores. You can slide the post up and down to place it at the height you want, then tighten the nuts. Works great, very sturdy.