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Defeat for our jumper

Our American Bulldog can clear a 6' fence if she hears a cat. With the dog proofer in place, she ran at the fence the first time, stopped, looked up and had a disgusted look on her face.


I have 3 larger dogs who get very excited when anything passes our yard. I purchased the Houdini-proof dog proofer and couldn't be happier. Now my dogs can play in the yard without worry of jumping the fence to greet the garbage man or people passing. Great product! I would highly recommend it!

great solution to a difficult problem

We have a yard with wood fence and also with chain link. We have a boxer that we rescued that would leap over the fence like it wasnt there. We tried shock collars, invisible fencing, a couple of weird DIY things and nothing was working. Decided to invest in the system from dog proofer and after taking a few hours to set it up our little guy was done escaping. Been over a month and now he doesnt even try. Just enjoys his outdoor space like we hoped.

Disappointed Dog

Our dog was happily clearing the fence in our yard. We could see he thought it was pretty funny. We did not share the humor as we need him to be safe from various and sundry animals here in Maine. So we added the extension fence. It took us a couple of hours to install it and it has worked perfectly. We have a safe dog. That's all the counts. Very happy with this product.

Very satisfied

Thanks for all your assistance regarding the order and I’m very satisfied with your product. I believe Matt(?) assisted me via numerous calls. With keep you in mind for referrals – our breed Airedale Terrier has a knack for wanting to be on the other side ‘of the fence’!

Botti Fence

I installed a power coated black metal fence with 1 3/4" gaps between the pickets. I found my Yorkie had wiggled his way through to freedom! That was short lived as I installed the dog proffer fence and Botti is no longer free to roam the neighborhood. It was very easy to install and blends nicely with the existing fence.

Easy peasey

Perfect and worked well.
Exactly what I wanted.
Thank you

Thrilled with this product!

I could not be happier with this product. Our new dogs were able to easily jump the existing 4' chainlink fence. This was SO much cheaper (and easier) than replacing the exisiting fence with a taller one. I'm not handy at all and I had no problem installing it myself. It's durable and blends right in with the existing fence.

Life saving product

Title is not an exaggeration. The product truly helped keep our 45 pound Australian Collie contained. Super easy to install and it looks great. From a few feet away you would never know its there. If you have an aluminum style fence this is a must have product to truly keep your pets safe. Its amazing how small of a space even a medium size dog can squeeze through.

Glad we got it

Wouldn’t want to put this fencing up without this tool. Everything was great!!

Thank you very much.

Yes, it is set up and is keeping our little fella contained in our yard. And the tool for the ties was very helpful as well.

Great product

This fence works as advertised and was easy to install

Perfect for our needs

This product is easy to use and completely effective. We have three big dogs, two of whom squeezed themselves thorough bars on our wrought iron fence in their dog run. No More!

Saved the day!

We purchased an aluminum fence in January. After we rescued our new 1 yr old Pomeranian, he ran right through it!! Dog Proofers barrier saved the day! He runs freely in the back yard daily now!

Make your fence safe

We added the extension arms to our dog daycare outdoor yard fence. It's the perfect solution, quality product and highly recommend it to anyone trying to secure their fence.

Excellent product! My dog immediately was unable to jump the fence, and he’s stopped trying.

Awesome stuff

We are actually promoting this style of fence. Great product!

Dog Proofer does the job.

So far the Dog Proofer has kept the escape artist inside the fence. Can’t ask for more!

Elegant fix for a long time problem

We have a husky that just loves to dig. Seems like he hears a cricket in the neighbors yard and that is justification to dig a trench under the fence. We tried putting rocks along the fence, mats, and all kinds of stuff. Our vet office told us to take a look at this idea from dog proofer and we decided to give it a shot. We had it installed in a few hours. After a month the grass grew right through it and we dont even see it really. Brusco will still try to start a dig from time to time but has given up around the fence line.

Must have

I’m so glad I got this tool! There’s no way I could have secured fencing to posts as tightly without it. I did most of the installation myself and this helped me pull slack.

My dog is safe now.

Our new dog was quite the digger and escape artist. After looking at several options on the web. This seemed the most economical and practical.
The fencing material came quickly. It took me a while to put up the 200ft of barrier. But it has proved to be effective .
I highly recommend this product.

Dog Proofed Now

I installed 250 ft of fence with two helpers in 8 about 8 hrs, with no prior experience. Only issue was with change of height. My aim was to control the ground clearance for the trimmer. 300 zip ties would have much more time consuming without a tool to tighten and cutting.

Peace of mind!!

I love the Houdini-proof extension system. We installed it on our 6’ wooden privacy fence. We adopted a medium sized dog that ended up being a jumper and this was the perfect solution to keep our new baby safe and sound.

Dog proofer saved our dogs!!

We had a gazelle of a dog jumping the fence with a running leap until we installed the dog proofer system. It's very high quality, was easy to install, looks great (can barely see it from a distance) and does the job. Having the peace of mind that the dogs are safe and can enjoy the yard even while we're not home has been life changing. When I ordered, inventory was just short of what we needed, but Mike worked with us and quickly shipped a partial order that ended up being the perfect quantity. Once I informed him of this, he quickly processed a refund for the balance of the order. Can't recommend this company enough! Thanks Dog Proofer!!!

Dog proof fence

I have a pit bull who after 3 years started jumping my four foot fence. She is so strong I wasn't sure if this fencing would keep her in. It is perfect. She cannot get out! I highly recommend if you have a dog that jumps the fence. I had it installed by my neighbor..but it looked very easy to do.